Education: 5 Useful Tips For Excelling In Examinations

5 Useful Tips For Excelling In Examinations
Most times we see students struggling to remember what they had read from a 200 page text book, off head, and it's not so easy. Most times the Nigerian students are forced to cheat and you know what that means?
A computer engineer would graduate with a degree in the field but had never handled the school's computer, except he had a personal pc to himself. I even learnt of a young first class graduate of computer science from a prestigious Nigerian university who couldn't turn on a desktop computer. Like he didn't know where the power button was located.
Oh My Goodness, how can we develop our dear Africa with all these? We need to get the right strategies for passing examinations so that we can study with ease and pass without fear of the unknown. Examinations are just a test of knowledge, and they are not the unknown as people usually tag it.

Tip 1: Read Long Before Examinations

Useful Tips For Excelling In Examinations
This is magically a fact. How can you fail philosophy after having studied it for 6 weeks? Even the Benin witches and wizards cannot cause such failure. Let us learn how to bend down on our books and we'd rise before men.

Tip 2: Eat Well

The study of Nutrition and Dietetics will teach you that good nutrition is a necessity for a nice retentive memory. Take less junks, avoid drinking garri and even eating eba before lectures and take nice food with a lot of fruits, you'd improve a lot.

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Tip 3: Meet Classmates Better Than You In Any Course

If you don't know it, then you don't. Shun pride and meet people who know it, even if they are the opposite sex. Let them teach you how they study and you'd see how you would improve. Meet a guru in statistics and let her teach you the course, you'd be a guru soon, teaching others.

Tip 4: Believe In Yourself

Positivity is a key. If you don't believe in yourself, how would you expect us to? You have know to know your abilities. Know that Statistics and Biochemistry are not meant to be failed, and if Obama could, then you can!

Tip 5: Pray Before Exams

Before you start any exams, pray to your Creator. Whether you're Hindi, Christian, Muslim or any other religion. It will help build and boost your confidence that you actually have a back up you don't see.

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