How To Build A Successful Career In Nigeria

How To Build A Successful Career In Nigeria
With the way things are going in Nigeria, it is looking like the government on whom the masses have been leaning on are no longer worthy of their trusts.
There are no longer grants, scholarships and other programs to support the upcoming generation, neither are there jobs for the thousands of annual graduates in the country, which is a major reason why you should build your career and not jobs at your early stages in life.
Now take for instance, you are a barber. There are two ways to be a barber in Nigeria - either working for yourself or for somebody. When you are working for yourself, you can do that for life, and you are not scared of loosing the job. It is called a career. On the other hand, when you are working for someone, you are accountable to them and the job can be terminated anytime, it is a job. Jobs might pay better, especially owing to the fact that they have already been established and invested in, but in the later run, careers are the best.

Today we will discuss more than 5 ways through which you can build a successful career in Nigeria. Building your career in a country can be both exiting and frustrating. In order to catch the exciting part of the whole career pursuit, you must be able to shoot your shot properly...Lol. You have to be able to organize yourself very well, discarding the in necessities and holding tight to the others.

7 Useful Tips For Building A Successful Career As A Nigerian Student

Whether you're a pupil, student, undergraduate or graduate, some of these tips will actually go a long way into improving your future to the maximum.

- Study a professional course

Professional courses are those ones which you can, after studying create jobs for yourself without looking for an employee. They are the best because of the issue of unemployment in Nigeria today, and even the whole of Africa. Other African countries such as Uganda, Kenya, Togo and so on also have the same unemployment issues Nigeria has and so it is more like a global issue.
Examples of professional courses which you can study in Nigeria include Law, Medsurg, Pharmacy, Estate management, Banking and finance, accounting and engineering courses. Aside creating jobs for you, studying these courses will also earn you a professional degree which is a step over your competitors. (See more on professional courses)

- Start building networks with people early in life

There is this popular adage which I don't 100% concur to, "it is not what you know but whom you know which matters". While it is not completely true, there is still some element of truth in it. Building your network early in life will help you get access to those people when the needs arise.
Needs may not always arise, but who can tell? Facebook co-founders were room mates in campus, and they both are billionaires now. Build reasonable networks with people who look promising and you will be stepping up in your career pursuit.

- Chase your passion, and build a career around it

Maybe you didn't know, but I'm blogging today because of passion. By profession, I'm nutritionist and my twin is a bio technologist, but we have founded a network of blogs because it's really where passion is driving us to. Chasing something you really ain't passionate about will fetch you money in the early periods, but they wouldn't last too long. Moreover, when things become way difficult in your career pursuits, it is passion that will keep you driving.

- Move with the right company

You cannot be an internet enthusiast and expect to be successful when all your friends are upcoming artists and entertainers. They're chasing their own passions, and are flocking together, you too should flock with the birds of your kind. Move with like minds and they will be able to link you up to opportunities and grants in your field of pursuits.

- Never be wearied down by failure

If you never fail, you'd never learn to overcome. Whenever you see failure dancing in front of you, sit back and remember why you started. Remember the glory down the lake and dive into it. Many people have quit in that your pursuit, and many will still quit. Many also have made it, many will still make it and many are still moving in.

There is nothing in the world now that is less competitive, except in the grave, where you have all the spaces to yourself. Move on with your dreams and you will be glad you did.

- Set plans for yourself

Set plans and targets for yourself, and pursue them sincerely. No one can rate you more than you. Tell yourself the truth, you have not reached where you planned to. It will be best to have a diary or journal, which you will look into at periodicals to actually see if your aims for the year have been reached, and if not, what is remaining.

- Have a support system around you

Stay around people who encourage your dreams and pursuits. They could be your parents, siblings, friends or even colleagues. Just make sure to stay out of negativities, because a single discouragement is enough to terminate your budding career.
Whatever it is you want to achieve, you really can. Help your friends see this too by sharing, they will really appreciate!
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