How To Start A Barbing Salon Business In Nigeria

How To Start A Barbing Salon Business In Nigeria
Respect barbers, they are silent millionaires. If you think I'm lying, let's conduct a simple mathematics.

As a guy, I visit my barber's shop every 3 days and he charges me between N250 - N500 as service cost. 
Let's assume I visit him thrice a week, it means I spend N750 to N1,500 weekly barbing, that means N3,000 to N6,000 monthly in his shop.
Now, if he has 200 customers like me patronizing him monthly, that's a whooping sum of N600,000 to N1,200,000 monthly.
Let's divide 200 customers by 30 days in a month and that gives us 7 people. 
Even you know that no professional barber gets less than 7 customers a day.
Can you now see how rich barbers are?

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However, many entrepreneurs are over-looking this business that is capable of making you self-employed. Before we move on, let's look at the importance of barbing salon business to us.
With this, you should see that the barbing business is among the best business opportunities for Nigerians.

Importance Of The Barbing Salon Business

- People always want to look good: The guys want to look attractive to the female folks, and vice versa. A good hair cut will make an individual to look gentle, nice and presentable.
- It doesn't have a season: Everyday, every month and every year the need arises that we visit the barber's shops unlike some businesses that flourish well in holidays.
- Almost everybody needs your services: Now, even women are beginning to love low-cuts. Except in few occasions were the young guys decide to keep dreadlocks, every other young guy is a barber's customer.
- It doesn't need much capital: Unless you want to start the celebrity barbing salons, it doesn't require much capital to start.

What You Need to Start A Barbing Salon Business

- Get the basic training: You shouldn't waste money renting a shop when you don't know how to barb. Trust me, as a bad barber, you can only barb a customer ones and he'll be off to look for another barber. Everyone likes spending his/her money on services that are worth spending on.
Remember you are dealing with people and they deserve the best treatments.

- Find a good location: Rent a shop that is big enough to accommodate much customers and also in a busy area.
Like we said earlier, it doesn't necessarily need to be a big shop stocked with the latest equipment, you can just rent a simple shop so far it has enough space to accommodate waiting customers.
Also, paint your shop to make it attractive and neat.

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- Buy the necessary equipment: There are some basic things you must get if you want to run a barbing salon business in Nigeria. They include:
Clippers: This will be used for cutting the hairs. It should be of high quality and also important if you have more than one.
You can check out these cheap and quality clippers selected for you from Konga and are below N5,000.
Gemei - Rechargeable Clipper
Chaoba - Clipper With Aftershave And Clipper Bag
Kiki Rechargeable Clipper
Chaoba - Hair Clipper

You can also check this out on Amazon:
Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit, #79300-400T
Philips Norelco HC7452/41 7100 Hair Clipper
Remington HC5855 Virtually Indestructible Haircut & Beard Trimmer, Hair Clippers, Beard Trimmer, Clippers
OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper 76023-510

- Clipper Oil: These normally comes with the clippers, but when you use up the follow-come ones, you need to replace them. 
You can check out this Wahl clipper oil, they have been tested by us and are worth using.

- Sterilizing units and agents: Not every customer can agree to barb without sterilizing the clipper. This is to avoid being infected with various infections like ring worm and HIV/AIDS.

- Generator: In a country like Nigeria, you need to have a stand-by generator. In fact, it's a primary need. You must not necessarily go for a big generator, a small generator of N20,000 to N30,000 can do.
You can check out these cheap generators from Konga store and pay on delivery.
Tiger - 1KVA Portable Generator TG950
Tiger - Generator - TG1500
Elepaq - 1.3KVA Manual Start Generator - SV2200 
Sumec Firman - 0.9KVA Generator - SPG1200 - Yellow

They are all very cheap and were selected for you as a beginner.
Other necessary equipment include: combs, powder, mirror, tables and chairs. 

As you advance in the business, you can go for things like air-conditioner, televisions and other things to keep your customers comfortable while waiting in the queue.
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