SHOCKING! These 7 Foods Are Killing You Slowly

Foods That Are Killing You Slowly
Food is anything we consume to provide us (and other organisms) with nutrients to carry out our daily activities. They are things we can never do without.
They majorly have a plant or an animal origin and contain nutrients that we need. Now what happens when these nutrients turn out to fight us? What if the food that was supposed to save us now turns out to be our slow killers? I happened to bump into an article, talking about 10 foods that are gradually killing us.

The truth is that, if they are processed, then they probably contain preservatives, and are generally unhealthy for us as humans. I have come across so many medical reports, with their different reports all claiming that so so and so food weren't good for us, but they didn't back it up with any legitimate proofs. How would we believe such things? Well, I'm here to show you these 7 foods we consume almost everyday that might actually be hurting us deeply. Some of them are things you undeniably might have heard of before...uhu?? A few might be new to your ears, but they all are true.
We're here for a healthy you, so read and don't forget to share. Every life is worth saving!

Top 7 Foods That Are Killing You Slowly

Don't be scared yet, these foods are not poisons. They just contain some synthetic things and preservatives which they human body doesn't like, and they gradually cause unwanted depreciation in our health.
It is always better for you to consume natural foods, since there haven't been any cases of preservatives in them. Fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, beans and anything natural are the best for you.
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- Margarine And Fake Butters

Margarine is very unhealthy, but butter is healthy. Margarine are just unhealthy processed foods containing so many chemicals that your body will repel. Go for butters instead of margarine, they are not a bit good for you.
Some other disadvantages of consumption of margarine include:
⚬ They are high in trans fatty acids.
⚬ They contribute to heart attack in the human body.
⚬ Consumption of margarine decreases insulin response
⚬ They lower the quality of breast milk (awful)
⚬ They decreases immune response.
⚬ They decrease immune response.

- Fruit Juices

Seriously have you ever asked yourself what these fruit juices were actually made of? There are no fruits in them, they should better be called synthetic juices...Lol! Some of them contain almost equal amounts of sugar with the dreaded colas and other massive sugar containing beverages.
Ok, look at this! Natural oranges spoil after just a few days, but the orange juices stay for months. Does it mean that the juice in oranges don't spoil? Big NO! They are packaging tons of chemicals which they know are unhealthy for you. The later results are an unhealthy you, and you patronize the medical doctors. Some of the sicknesses don't even show us until after years and then complications set in.

- Sports Drinks

Sports Drinks were meant for athletes and people who just finished going through some vigorous sports activities, to cover for the glycogen they might necessarily loose because of their sweating.
It was never meant for everyone. To help provide these glycogen, the sports drinks contain:
Water: To help replenish the water you lose
Sugar: To help you replace lost energy
Electrolytes: To replace those electrolytes lost during sweating
However, you don;t necessarily need electrolytes in your body except you are going through some intense physical activities.

- "Healthy" Breakfast Cereals

You saw the " " in the healthy right? They're not there for fancy. These marketers are so clever and are pretty sure that once you hear healthy, you'd comfortably gulp any products in. They tag their processed breakfast cereals healthy to attract you and you unconsciously consume.
They will not be happy to hear that you know this now! Please share to your friends to see them too. Just carefully take a look at the ingredients those cereals are made up of, and you will be shocked at the quantity of sugar you consume every breakfast. Please ignore those labels and tags that read low-fat, fat-free, whole grain and other things like that, they will never sample the real awful contents.

- Low-Fat or Fat-Free Foods

This is yet another scam by the food industries we patronize daily. Stay away from any foods that have been tagged 'low-fats' or 'fat'free', because they are simply so heavily processed. They contain a lot of so many harmful substances and haven't ever been proven to be healthy for human consumption.
The marketers use mind controlling strategies on humans to get them purchase the products and would never expose the real harmful contents. When people started becoming more health conscious and reduced consumption of fatty food, they took another strategy and that was this. The truth is that any food that has the fat removed would taste like crap, so you have to pour in a lot of artificial to make it taste better.

- Low Carb Junk Foods

Once you see a product tagged 'low carb', look at it more than two times before you think of patronizing them. Most of these foods that are tagged 'low  carbs' in the supermarkets are simply containing heavy chemicals and artificial preservatives, and so grossly unhealthy for the human bodies. It is still because of the above 'low fats' trend and people are rushing into very unhealthy foods.
It is better to go natural or unprocessed if you'd like to eat anything.

- Canned Tomato Sauce

In this part of the world, they are now sachet tomatoes...Lol! They are all the same crap, very unhealthy and containing no single tomatoes' seeds. These tomatoes contain in hidden quantities things like sugar which are grosly unhealthy.
Regular consumption could lead you into things like tooth decay, diabetics, hearth disease and obesity. Each of these is a critical issue on its own and we'd never want to experience them.
You can however consider going for brands which have lesser sodium and sugar, and remember they were all preserved.

Which of these foods do you eat and how often? I'm sure you've learnt something new today. Kindly use the share button below to spread this, you might be saving a life too!
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