Easiest Guide How To Make ₦70,000+ Monthly From Drop Shipping Business

DropShipping Business Nigeria
The drop shipping business is no doubt one of the fastest growing businesses in Nigeria now, and is grossly embraced by entrepreneurs and business owners.
With the business, you will get to sell your brands and market your products to people without having to pay for any inventory. Drop shipping has to do with the selling of products to customers after purchasing them from a third party, without having to store them in any warehouses. There are so many dropshipping companies in Nigeria and drop shipping suppliers in Nigeria. I have also come across a good number of dropshipping websites in Nigeria, and having run their scam analysis, many are legit and safe to deal with.

This article will help you to successfully start a drop shipping business in Nigeria. Before we begin, we will run a little comparison of the drop shipping and the classic retail mode.
In these two models, you do not necessarily need a model or stock. You just act as the middleman, and may not even get to see the products. However, they require a little star-up capital, or upfront, for the purchases of the goods. This is unlike affiliate marketing, where all you do is generate sales and earn commissions. The drop shipping business is entirely different and we will see how to start it in Nigeria.

Does Dropshipping Work In Nigeria? 

Yes...it works and many people have been turning in good profit from them on a monthly basis. Dropshipping in Nigeria is getting better and easier with days, and Nigeria is rapidly improving in terms of the usage of the internet.
With so many people looking for how to dropship on Jumia and drop shipping on Konga, we will discuss most of them below. You will also get to learn more about the Oberlo Nigeria.

How To Start A Successful Drop Shipping Business In Nigeria

As I have earlier said, the drop shipping business is getting popular with time and is no doubt a very lucrative internet business. With a lot of e-commerce platforms within our reach now, you will not experience much difficulties running the business. Internet business is undoubtedly one of the best whays to earn a living in Nigeria, and no matter the business you are into, you need a voice online.
With these few steps, you can start your own successful drop shipping business in Nigeria.

- Choose a niche

This is one of the first steps you should take before proceeding with any business in the world. What would I be selling? Who are my target audience? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself before engaging in any business. A niche is very essential to the success of every business.
You can use the Google Trends to discover what people are presently talking about, so you don't sell a 1980's classic footwear to 21st Century campus ladies. There are so many products which are in high demand, and they should be a priority. You can also consider researching on products which have been doing very well in times past.

- Get a supplier

With so many suppliers in Nigeria and even much more in China, you should not have much issues with this. However, you need to be sure you are with someone legit before you get scammed.
Also make sure they supply genuine products to avoid ruining your career and you can do some background checks and researches before starting the business. Alibaba and ChinaBrands are among the biggest online suppliers for the dropshipping business.

- Choose a platform

This is also another very essential part of the dropshipping business. You will need to get a platform on which you will be marketing your products.
Some of the most popular platforms include:
Your website: You can purchase a hosting space and domain name from BlueHost or WhogoHost and create your website (or hire someone to do that). After you install the Woocommerce Wordpress theme, it was designed for e-commerce websites and then you install the Alidropship, a Wordpress plugin that functions just like Oberlo. 
E-commerce stores: There are so many e-commerce stores in Nigeria now, such as the Jumia.com and Konga.com on which you will post your businesses and wares to attract buyers. You can also create an e-shop on Shopify for marketing your products.
Facebook pages: Thanks to recent developments in the world largest social network, you can now create a Facebook page and use it as a marketing tool for your products.

- Promote your business

Without promotion, no one will know that you exist in the space. We have written an article on a few free advertising platforms which you can use in Nigeria and they are all amazing [see them here]. You can also run Facebook ads, Google ads, Instagram ads or any other advertisement of your choice.
The reason is because there are so many people in Nigeria (potential customers) and the competition is also very high. If you as a start up must keep an edge, then you must do some killer massive advertisements.
If you have a website, you can consider doing sponsored posts on other sites as it will help you build your website and also increase your overall audience.

- Register your business

This might not be so necessary as a start-up, but with time, you may need to. It will help you access loans and other business offers to help expand your business. We have written an article on how you can register your business with only ₦12,000 in Nigeria. Registration will also help you protect your business name and seek legal actions if need ever be.

Before you leave, you can learn how to start a drop shipping business.
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