12 Best Betting Sites In Nigeria

Betting Sites In Nigeria
Football is no doubt one of the top interests in the world, and Nigeria isn't an exception. It's widely enjoyed by so many people, males and females alike.
We have previously written an article on how to make money from football in Nigeria, which means it is actually very lucrative.
With the present economic condition of the country, diversification is considerably one of the only ways to survive and make sure you have some money in your pocket. There are so many ways to make money from football, and one of them is football betting. Football betting isn't the only form of betting, but it is the most popular. This is why people keep asking for the best betting site in Nigeria. No one loves getting scammed, and patronizing scam betting sites can turn you into a victim.

There are presently a lot of new betting companies in Nigeria because people's eyes have been uncovered to this new lucrative niche. Some of our indigenous betting sites can even be rated among the top 10 betting sites in the world, and since there is a rating, there must be the best. To get the best betting site in Nigeria, you have to use so many things such as payout ratio, customer reviews and many others. The richest betting company in Nigeria will also be talked about, and it might not be what you thought. In subsequent posts, we will write about the full list of betting sites in Nigeria. No doubts this betting site prediction is come to stay.

The Top 12 Best Betting Sites In Nigeria

As I have said earlier, people of all social calibers patronize the betting industry. With the rate of unemployment in the country and the way people are suffering from lack of funds and low payment, they need to result to the sports betting niche as a means of survival.
With as little as N200, you can win anything close to N50,000. Impossible you think? I have seen a friend win two simultaneous games, earning him N102,850 with just an initial capital of N400. If you are a passionate sports lover, it's time to stop fanning and start getting paid. If you think Nigeria will win the match against another country, why not take the risk,predict it and get some cash to your pocket? Lecturers, bankers, students, housewives and almost every sports lover patronizes them.

Remember that you must be 18+ to play the game in Nigeria.
This list is in alphabetical order with preference to none, it was compiled based on the betters review and other researches!

- 1960Bet.ng

The 1960Bet is owned by the Winners Bookmaker Nigeria Limited. There is a thread on Nairaland, where a user claimed 1960Bet was scam and scammed him of his payments. I don't know how true that is because I wonder how much he made that the company would even have issues paying.
He shared some emails exchanges between them and you can consider checking it out though.
I think they pay, but they pay late. You have to queue in to receive your earnings and AISH...that is so bad. You can still try them out though.
They have flexible plans to suite your taste and budget, and they have a variety of bets you can place.

- AccessBet.com

Many people including me are trying to know if this is affiliated to the popular Access Bank PLC...Lol. Maybe we will leave that answer to another day. From people's reviews, AccessBet is one of the best betting companies in Nigeria, and their Alexa rank has something to prove too.
They have flexible plans and a lot of options such as Sports, Dog race, Casino, Virtual football and a few others. They also bear all the risks, unlike some other betting companies out there and that is a huge credit to them. You can also become an agent and make a living from them.

- Bet9ja.com

This is probably one of the best betting companies in the country, and people give them a lot of credit because of their fast payouts. There is hardly any place in Nigeria where Bet9ja shops don't exist, and they are well represented everywhere. I wonder if there's anyone who doesn't know them even.
It is one of the most visited betting site in the country, according to Alexa.com and they have a lot of options for any type of betting. In 2018, they were the 2nd most visited site in the country and we will watch out for them 2019, 2020 and other years to know if another betting site will take over.
Overtaking is allowed...Lol!

- BetDey.com

The BetDey betting agency is owned by Magna Gaming Solutions Limited and they have branches all over the country too, though not as much as Bet9ja and their other competitors. I didn't see any bad reviews of them unlike 1960.ng so I can recommend it.
Their is also the BetDey computer version which you can patronize, if it will be more convenient for you. They have a 24/7 betting platform, which is loved by Nigerians and a credit to them. It is ranked the 2479th most visited website in Nigeria according to Alexa rankings.

- FortuneBetNG.com

The Fortune Bet Nigeria is also another top betting company, and they have betting centers around, I think there's one in my area. There are not much reviews of the website online, and I'm sure if they have negative reviews, people must have cried out. They also have flexible plans to suite your budget and you can place bets on a diverse set of games.
You can place your bets online via their web portals and their mobile platforms and also offline at any agent's office. You can also make your payments via credit/debit card, virtual card, bank transfer, or E-wallet.

- LionsBet.com

The Lions Bet is a Nigerian betting company, though they appear to be presently trying out some other features. As at 2015, it was a top Nigerian indigenous betting company and I believe they are still living up to the standard now.
It is better known for it's sure odds and if you have a lion's heart, then patronize them....lol. Everything about betting needs a strong heart though. Creating an account with them is as easy as creating a a Facebook account, and you just need to visit their homepage, click on SIGN UP and follow the steps. They also have betting centers littered all over the country with agents.

- LovingBet.com

From reviews, the Loving Bet is one of the best online bookmakers in the country and they also pay very fast. Registration is very easy too and you just need to visit their homepage and click on SIGN UP. They have diverse payment options and you can pay via bank transfer, with your ATM card, directly to their agent or via the prepaid voucher.
You can also play via new mobile, old mobile or the computer version. You can play from a diverse list of games such as water polo, motorsports, beach volley, virtual football, ice hockey boxing and horse racing. They also have a blog on their official website on which they give the latest gist and information on sports and related interests.

- MegaBet.ng

I couldn't find any negative review of the MegaBet Nigeria, so we can say they haven't offended anybody...lol. If you don't live up to standard, people would probably complain online and we will see that. Just like the other betting companies, you can play via mobile, web or visit any of their centers which are all over the country.
According to a few reviews on Nairaland, they have a credit for their speedy payments and you can patronize them.

- MerryBet.com

With their popular slogan, 'where champions play', I think they are worth your trial. According to Alexa.com, they are the 119th most visited website in the country and if they were not favoring their customers, they wouldn't be their now.
They have an instant payment feature, with which you can immediately transfer your earnings from their web betting portal to the MerryBet wallet and then to your bank account in a matter of seconds. 
The Merry Bet is a prominent name in the Nigerian betting industry. You can also place bets on live matches and they give a 100% accumulated bonus on your first deposits.

- NairaBet.com

If you follow the Nigerian music industry, you would have probably seen Nigerian rapper, Phyno flashing the NairaBet bangle in his music. Phyno is a NairaBet ambassador alongside popular comedian, Craze Clown. According to a review on ReviewNaija.com, NairaBet is one of the best betting sites in the country.
They pioneered the betting option where you could withdraw part of your earnings, if your betting turns out to be negative and others queued in. You can also stake with as little as N50...Lol!
You can play with your mobile phones, computers or at any of their centers. If you want to earn money online betting, why not join NairaBet.com today, they have many welcome offers for you.

- NaijaBet.com

This is one of the top betting companies in the country and offer betting in a diverse number of games ranging from tennis, soccer, basketball and ice hockey. You can also do virtual betting on harnessing, 
badminton, dashing, cycling, motor racing, platinum, table tennis, virtual football and archery.
They are presently the 1403rd most visited website in Nigeria and from the NaijaBet reviews we have seen, they are doing very well.
The NaijaBet.com website is a partnership between the LiveBet International Limited and the Kreativ Integrated Concepts & Management Limited. They also offer fast payment options and you can pay via a diverse range of options to make sure you have nothing less than the best.

- SureBet247.com

According to LifeStyleNaija.com.ng, Surebet247 is the first Nigerian indigenous football bookmaker. By bookmaker, I mean any persons or organizations which take bets and pay winnings depending on the results you get. It is short-called bookies. They trade on the results of football matches.
With SureBet247, you don't need to predict exact goals to win games, so the chances of winning are higher.
They offer a diverse variety of betting such as the sports betting, virtual betting and the real betting on reality events like the casino, football, roulette, cycling, car racing, horse racing and dog racing. They are ranking the 1614th most visited website in the country according to Alexa.com and have flexible gaming options.
Their payout is also fast.

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Which of the above betting sites is your favorite? How many of them have you tried? Is there any really not worth staying here? Drop us a comment and don't forget to share!
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