14 Words Common To The Igbo And Yoruba Languages, But With Different Meanings

14 Words Common To The Igbo And Yoruba Languages, But With Different Meanings
Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa with over 500 tribes and languages as well. It is a country full of different cultures that would leave every visitor amazed.
This diversity probably is the reason many Nigerians are against the opinion of  'One Nigeria' and you'd see different groups struggling to exit the scenario. After our article on 10 things about Nigeria that news websites don’t tell you, we have another interesting topic for us today.
There are some words that you'd hear in the Yoruba and Igbo languages, but having different meanings. These words might to an extent, confuse you unless you carefully pay attention to hear:
So let's check out these words:

  • Owu: Owu is thesame in both the Yoruba and the Igbo languages, so we decided to write it first here. It means thread.
  • Enu: Enu is the Ibo word for 'up' but in Yoruba it stands for 'mouth'.
  • Ile: If you hear an Igbo say 'Ile', you'll quickly understand it as 'toungue' but in the Yoruba, it's different, 'ile' in Youruba stands for 'House'.
  • Olaniyi: Olaniyi is a word that can ignite a fight when a Yoruba innocently uses it to refer to an Igbo. In the Igbo language, 'Olaniyi' means 'Someone that has no value, a waste!' but in the Yoruba, it means 'Wealth Has Value'. So next time someone calls you 'Olaniyi', think well before you vex...lol.
  • Ede: 'Ede' is the Yoruba word for 'language' but in the Igbo language, it means 'Cocoyam'.
  • Aja: 'Aja' in Igbo means 'sand'. but in Yoruba, it has an entirely different meaning. 'Aja' in Yoruba means 'dog'.
  • Oja: When a Yoruba says 'oja', it mean 'market' but to the Igbo 'oja' means 'flute'.
  • Jide: If you know the popular Nigerian blogger, 'Jide Ogunsanya', you might be tempted to say that he's an Igbo because of his name. 'Jide' is the Igbo word for 'hold'. but in the Yoruba language, it means 'has come/resurfaced'. It is the short form of many other names iu both the Igbo and Yoruba tribes. In he Yoruba tribe, names like 'Olajide' and 'Babajide' can be called 'Jide' while in the Igbo, you'll hear something like 'Jideofor'.
  • Oko: 'Oko' is the Yoruba word for 'farm' but in the Igbo it has an entirely different meaning, it means 'to itch'.
  • Oba: 'Oba' is the Yoruba word for their 'king' but in Igbo, it means 'barn'.
  • Olanike: 'Olanike' stands for 'heresy' in Yoruba but means 'dying suddenly' in the Igbo Language.
  • Wèrè: 'Wèrè' means 'take' in Igbo Language but 'sorry' in Yoruba.
  • Àśiri: 'Àśiri' in Igbo means 'gossip' biut in Yoruba, it means 'secret'.
  • Ifè: 'Ifè' means 'something' in Igbo but 'love', 'learning', 'desire', 'affection', 'passion', 'wish', 'willingness', 'desire' in Yoruba.
Nigeria is a wonderful country with amazing facts that can leave anybody marveled. It is very nice to hear that despite all our differences, we still have some things in common.
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