How To Make $2,000+ Monthly From YouTube Without Any Capital

Make Money From YouTube
I recently published an article on how to start making $2,000+ monthly from the top video hosting site in the world, YouTube and you can check it out.
However, one of the issues people face from the internet business world is the lack of capital to start up. I earlier published an article on how to start making $400 monthly as a student, and those tips would pay faster especially because your success isn't dependent on anyone.
However, some of us are passionate about making money off YouTube, but the issue of lack of capital becomes a major challenge, this article is for you.

Without spending much time, let's go straight to the point. I don't really want to do a very lengthy post today.
- Go to YouTube.com and create a channel (we already taught how to do that here). Customize your channels' name, display photo, art and any other stuff to be the way you want them to be. Following our guide, it shouldn't take you above 1 hour to do.
- The next stage is to search for the video you want to post about, let's say, 'how to cook...'.
Making Money From Youtube
- Now look at the spot I marked in red
Making Money From Youtube
- Click it to bring out options like these
Making Money From Youtube
- After bringing out the options, click on the CREATIVE COMMONS which I boxed in red below
Making Money From Youtube
It will filter out the copyright free videos, which the owners have given free license to be reused by anyone else without a need for crediting them and no risks of copyright issues.

Some of these videos have been on YouTube for a long time and have gotten plenty views, the rest haven't. Now download these videos, you can use a tool like ssyoutube.com to do that.
- After downloading them, reupload to your own channel with fresh title, description and snippet.
This is because the audience might have gotten used to the former ones. You can get copyright free images to use for your video snippets from Pixabay.com.
Now fulfill the AdSense requirements and apply, or you can visit our tips for getting over $2,000 vlogging every month. You can as well see how you can start making $400 monthly online even as a student here.

That was easy right? We want the best for you, kindly share so your friends can benefit too.
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