How To Make Someone Pay When You Call Them On Airtel

How To Make Someone Pay When You Call Them On Airtel
Airtel Nigeria is probably one of the most used telecommunications network in the country, and they pride themselves as the 'smartphone network'.
Well, they aren't only the smartphone network, they are every phone users' network. I recently shared an article on how to get free 1GB of data from Airtel, and today we'd talking about how to make someone pay for your calls when you call them.

How To Make Someone Pay For Your Calls When You Call Them

It is not a hack, and it's not something that's difficult to do. However, to benefit from this offer, it must be an Airtel-to-Airtel call.
It is called the Airtel Pay For My Call service. 
To benefit, simply:
• Dial # followed by the number you intend calling, eg #09072979302.

When the user picks the call, they'll be charged for it. How do you see this? Thanks a lot for reading along. Don't forget to drop us a comment and share to your friends.
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