Slourish | A Platform Every Nigerian Start-Up Looking For Investors Must Join

Slourish Review
Slourish is a new platform for Nigerians to earn money online by investing in startups. It is a platform that connects investors to start-ups. 
Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.
The Slourish platform is an amazing community of investment seekers for Nigerian businesses with the opportunity to be a part of the exciting journey of building the next generation brands.
Members of the Slourish can invest anything as little as ₦5,000 and gain interests, equity, incentives or rewards from the money.

Is Slourish A Ponzi Scheme?

No, Slourish is very different from a ponzi scheme, it's a community that was created to help young Nigeria start-ups fund their businesses. Any interested investor or start-up can join the Slourish platform.
Any amount you invest will yield a monthly return of up to 15% which will be paid into your local bank account.

How Will I Become A Slourish Member?

There is no big task in becoming a member of this amazing platform, you only need to visit the official website and create an account. There is no sign-up fee or membership fee, anybody can join the platform free of charge.
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If you want to join the platform as a start-up, you'll also have to create a free account and submit your business for approval. The Slourish team will verify your business and approve it if it is legitimate.
As an investor, you are free to invest in as much investors as you wish while participating in the program.

Can I Lose my Money?

You are only advised to invest in start-ups that you believe in. You are free to choose a business to invest in and can request for a refund before the money is transferred to the business owner. Every business involves risks but you can decide to diversify your investment into several businesses.
The risk of losing your money is low as the team try their best towards always analyzing the startup and their plans to ensure they are worth funding before adding them to Slourish.com.

Nigeria is getting better daily and we hope it gets to reach the level the developed countries are in a little time. All interested business men and women can queue in to the Slourish platform to start benefiting. 
It doesn't matter if you need an investor or you are an investor, it all starts with a step. Create your account, explore the platform, see other investors and start-ups and interact with them.
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