China To Launch An 'Artificial Moon' To Light Up City As Far As 50 Miles (Photos)

China To Launch An 'Artificial Moon' To Light Up City As Far As 50 miles (Photos)
The world is improving rapidly and China is not taking chances. With a series of inventions and innovations, the People's Republic of China is yet out with another great invention, the 'artificial moon'.
The 'artificial moon' is an illumination that will be set to deploy over the southwestern city of Chengdu in 2020 and is touted to be eight times as bright as the real moon. it will cast a ‘dusk-like glow’ over the region thereby lighting the skies as far as 50 miles around.
The news was reported by People’s Daily but officials have not yet released advanced reports on the new invention.

According to the People’s Daily, Wu Chunfend, the chairman of Chengdu Aerospace Science and Technology Microelectronics System Research Institute Co., Ltd revealed the plan at an event in the city in October.
The moon will make the Chengu’s night skies brighter by eight times than the natural moon when launched in 2020 and will to an extent, serve as a replacement to conventional streetlights.
The 'artificial moon' will be controlled to light up an of 10 and 80 kilometers wide and 6 to 50 miles.
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