Top 9 Reasons Why You Must Avoid Eating Instant Noodles

Effects Of Indomie To Human Health
Indomine is the most popular instant noodles in Nigeria and the first to hit the Nigerian market. The production of Indomie in Nigeria started in 1995 but the brand was first introduced to the world in 1972.
The Indomie brand is widely distributed in continents like Asia, Europe and Africa and countries like the U.S, Canada, New Zeeland and Middle Eastern countries.

Aside the major manufacturing plants in Indonesia, the company also has plants in African countries and in fact, Nigeria houses the largest instant noodle manufacturing plant in Africa courtesy of Indofood.
As the brand (and other instant noodles brands) are getting popular in Nigeria, many people are trying to know how healthy the instant noodles are to the direct consumers. Before we proceed to the Indomie, why don't we check out the list of the noodles brands in Nigeria, maybe you might have tasted all of them.

List Of Noodles Brands In Nigeria

These are the list of the popular Nigerian noodles brands and their companies:
  • Chef Me (Engle Food)
  • Dangote Noodles (Dangote Group)
  • Golden Penny Noodles (Flour Mills)
  • Honeywell Noodles (Honeywell Superfines Foods)
  • Indomie Noodles (Dufil Prima Foods PLC)
  • Tummy Tummy Noodles (Tummy-Tummy Foods Industries Limited)
  • Chikki Noodles

Is Indomie Harmful To The Body

The question should rather be, are instant noodles harmful to the body and we'd answer it right now. You know the instant noodles are produced with chemicals that might not be doing well to the human body.
Instant noodles are highly processed foods that lack proper nutritive values. Each single serving of an instant noodle is high in carbohydrates, sodium and other food additives. But low on essential elements such as fibre, vitamins and minerals necessary for growth and development

Why Are Instant Noodles Harmful To The Body

There is a reason for the campaign against instant noodles and it's because of the ingredients used in producing the noodles.
According to the Codex Standards for instant noodles, flavour enhancers, acid regulators, flour treatment agents, humectants, emulsifiers, colours, thickeners, anti-oxidants, stabilizers, anti-caking agents and preservatives are used in the production of instant noodles.

  • Wax: Indomie noodles are coated with wax and this helps prevent the noodles from sticking together. The wax can be seen when hot water is added to the raw noodles, after a few minutes, the wax will be seen floating in the water.
  • Sodium: This is the major reason the instant noodles are not safe for consumption. Foods that are high in sodium can cause heart disease, hypertension, kidney damage, stroke and other serious health problems.

Effects Of Indomie To Human Health

There are many adverse effects of eating instant noodles and every consumer deserves to know them. You'll see many people asking questions like effects of eating raw Indomie and does eating raw Indomie cause cancer, well we don't advise that you eat these instant noodles raw.
Due to the unhealthy nature of these instant noodles, every consumer should be conscious of his or her consumption of these foods and if possible, reduce its usage to an extent. Then companies would only write down the nutritional value of instant noodles in the label, but leave the harmful effects. Although the instant noodles are not banned in Nigeria, you can personally make your choice after knowing how harmful they are.

Some harmful effects of instant noodles are:

  1. Nutrient Absorption: In children under the ages of 5, instant noodles can inhibit or restrain the absorption of nutrients.
  2. Cancer: Ingredients like "Styrofoam" that are used in the manufacturing of these noodles can increase the risk of cancer in the body
  3. Sodium: Instant noodles are produced with sodium and excessive consumption of sodium can lead to stroke, heart disease, kidney damage and hypertension.
  4. Affects the body metabolism: Due to chemical substances like preservatives and coloring that are used in the manufacturing of these instant noodles, their regular consumption affects the the chemical processes that occur within a living organism in order to maintain life.
  5. Noodles are junks: Although you might be eating these noodles like your normal meals, they have characteristics of junks. They are fully packed with carbohydrates but lack fibre, vitamins and minerals.
  6. They contain Monosodium Glutamate: Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) is a chemical used for enhancing the flavor's of instant noodles but many people are allergic to it. It can cause pains, headaches, facial flushing and burning sensations to you if you have allergy to it.
  7. They contain Propylene Glycol: Ingredients like Propylene Glycol are used in the manufacturing of instant noodles because of their anti-freeze properties. It helps the noodles retain their moisture but weakens the body's immune system. When consumed, it accumulates in the heart, liver and kidneys and can cause abnormalities to those areas.
  8. Affects digestion: Regular consumption of instant noodles can ignite bloating and irregular bowl movements.
  9. Obesity: Due to it's high content of sodium and fats, regular consumption of instant noodles can increase the risk of obesity in the body.
With these facts, do you think instant noodles are still worth eating?

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