10 Amazing Ways Nigerian Musicians Make Money

How Do Musicians Make Money In Nigeria?
Music is something that many people engage in because of it's lucrative nature.
If you want to start a successful music career in Nigeria (or any other part of the world), there are many things involved more than just going into the studio to cook up beats and then releasing them to your audience.
As a Nigerian artist, your major goal will be to beat other artists in nominations and awards and also produce the kind of music that will leave your fans thrilled.
Being an artist or musician is not the kind of job where you'll be paid monthly or weekly like other jobs.
It requires much work if you want to make your money no matter how great or wonderful your talent might be. The Nigerian music industry is a dynamic and peculiar one. And this dynamic nature is what keeps affecting the income streams of the artists.
You might be looking for ways to make money as an up-coming artist in Nigeria or get noticed, keep scrolling and we'll show you tons of ways.

How Do Musicians Make Money In Nigeria?

There are many ways you can make money as a Nigerian artist and we'll discuss some of them below:

- Sales of CDs:

This is one of the ways musicians make money make money though it is not popularly used again. All you need to do is to advertise your music with some of these free methods and in a couple of weeks, you'll see the money rolling in. However, I can't assure you of the success of this method because Nigerian youths don't purchase CDs again, majority of them go to blogs that publish the musics to download them free of charge.

- Digital Sales
How Do Musicians Make Money In Nigeria?

This works like magic, in fact it's one of the best. You can upload your music to Sellfy, Amazon, iTunes, Spotify. There are more than 20 websites that you can upload your songs free of charge if you want it to reach a better audience.
One major advantage of this over the CDs discussed above is that you can have unlimited downloads, and your music can also reach many parts of the world.
It'll also save you from the stress and discomfort of moving around with the discs.
Apart from the above listed websites, you can also decide to create a website of your own for hosting your own musics and connect it with the different payment gateways. You can even apply other ways of monetizing your new blog to maximize your revenue.
In creating a website, all you need is to purchase a domain and hosting plan from a reliable company and then publishing your contents. You can also check out these free traffic sources for your websites, they'll help you in a big way.

- YouTube

This is another way musicians and vloggers make money. They create and upload their videos to YouTube and Google monetizes the videos for them. This is a good way of monetizing your videos because you'll be paid part of the revenues generated from your videos.
However, explicit videos are not allowed on YouTube, and you should also avoid copyright infringement while creating the videos.

- Brand Endorsements

Celebrity endorsement or branding is a form of  marketing strategy or advertising campaign  adapted by companies, brands, or non-profit organizations. It involves well-known persons or celebrities   using their fame and social status help promote a product, service or even raise awareness on a particular topic.

- Live Shows

 This is a live performance or concert performed before an audience or on a stage. In this case, we are talking about music or dance performances. However, you can also perform other things like drama and seminars on stage.
It is another way of making money as an artist, you'll plan the show months before time and also tell your fans that are interested how to get a ticket.
However, the price of tickets vary with the different artists, so you should set your price very well.

- Sales of Products

You can sell customized t-shirts, face caps, polos, wristbands, etc. This is a method adapted by artists like Bruno Mars, Jidenna, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown and many of their loyal fans patronize these merchandise.
You can also sell digital products in the form of images, videos, sheet music, PDFs and live concert tapes.

- Royalties

Whenever your music is being played on public media platforms like TV and radio channels, you'll be given some amount of money as royalty.
If you want to benefit from this, you might have to become a member of the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON). It is a body collects money from different establishments like banks, radio channels, hotels and clubs that use music for their daily business.
Music creators such as publishers, song writers and composers are entitled to royalties every time their music is used by these organizations.
To know more about this, please visit the COSON official website.

- Licensing

Have you ever seen a song being used in a movie? I guess the answer is yes. The movie producers pay some amount of money to the owners of the musics before they will be used in the song.
Failure to do so can lead to the director being sued by the copyright owner of the song.
Also, using someone's music beat without permission is also an infringement of the copyright and you should avoid it as an artist.

- Music Lessons

You can start teaching music lovers how to play different musical instruments. I've seen Godwyn Guitar talking about teaching people how to play guitar on his Instagram page.
If you are an expert on any instrument, why not try this method out?

- Appearance fees

This is similar to live shows. When people call you to perform in an occasion and then pay you. You can get paid for appearing at red carpets, events more.
With these appearances the promoters can use the artist to make money through sales of tickets, purchase of their products and more.

Making money as a Nigerian artist is not as hard as you think. You need to embrace the rising technology and also grow your social media platforms because it's one of the easiest places you can interact with your fans.
You should also know the best kind of music your target audience will love and adapt the trends.
Finally, get the best music producers for your genre and video directors when you want to shoot a video.
Read about other successful acts and get to meet different people in the niche.
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