Atiku Abubakar Biography, Family, Early Life, Education, Net Worth And All You Need To Know About Him

Atiku Abubakar Biography
We recently saw the biography and lifestyle of the Nigerian first lady, Mrs. Aisha Buhari and today we will be visiting one of our former Vice Presidents and present presidential aspirant, Atiku Abubakar.
We will be seeing Atiku Abubakar's biography, family, parents, wives, children, early life, education, business, net worth, cars, houses and much more.

Atiku Abubakar Biography, Family, Early Life, Education

Born on the 25th of November, 1946 into the family of Garba Abubakar, a Fulani trader and farmer and his mother, Aish Kande was the second wife. They were from Jada Village in Adamawa State, Nigeria and Atiku was the only child, having lost his only sister at a very young age.

His parents eventually divorced and his father died in 1957. His mother remarried and in 1984, his mother died from heart attack. Atiku wasn't opportune to start school early, especially because his father wasn't in support of Western education.
However along the line it was noticed that he wasn't going to school and his father was arrested and fined. He eventually enrolled into the Jada Primary School at the age of eight and in 1960, got admission into secondary school. He eventually finished with secondary school 1965 and got a grade three in the West African School Certificate Examination.

After that, Atiku proceeded to the Police college and then got admission into the Nigerian Police College, Kaduna. He left school and got a job as a tax collector in the regional ministry of finance and then got admission into the School of Hygiene, Kano, the same year. He finished same year with a diploma and got admission into the Ahmed Bello University on a scholarship for a diploma in law.
He graduated 1969 and got a job with the Nigerian Custom Service the same year.

Atiku Abubakar Wives And Children

He secretly married his first wife, Titilayo Albert, December 1971 because his family weren't in support of the union and they had four children together - Fatima, Adamu, Halima and Aminu. He got married to his second wife, Ladi Yakubu in January 1979 and they got six children together - Abba, Atiku, Zainab, Ummi-Hauwa, Maryam and Rukayatu.
Atiku got married to his third wife, Princess Rukaiyatu in 1983 and she was the daughter of the late Lamido of Adamawa. They had seven children together - Hadiza, Aisha, Aliyu, Mutsaya, Atsai, Mutsafa, Laila and Abdusalam. He got married to his fourth wife, Fatima Shettima in the year 1986 and she gave birth to seven children - Amina, Mohammed, two set of twins Ahmed and Shehu, Zainab and Aisha, and then Hafsat.

He eventually divorced Ladi and then got married to Jennifer Iwenjora, who later changed her name to Jamila Atiku-Abubakar. They had three children together, Abdulmalik, Zara and his youngest child, Faisal.

Business And Political Career

Atiku already was emplyed at the Custom Service, then he proceeded to further his education to both the Custom Training School and the Police College. After his education, he was posted to Idi-Iroko, a border town inbetween Benin Republic and Nigeria.
His primary assignment was to be in charge of the Apapa Ports, Lagos Airport and Ibadan Custom Commands from 1974 to 1979. After that he moved to the North, 1976 to serve in the Kano Command and then Maiduguri, 1977 as the Area Comptroller.
From Maiduguri Atiku was moved to Kaduna in the year 1980 and then went back to Apapa Ports, 1982. He was promoted to the Deputy Director in charge of Enforcement and Drugs,1987 and in the year 1989, Atiku voluntarily retired from the Customs. He was just 43 years old then.

Having been engaged in different businesses ranging from agriculture, real estate, trading and many others, Atiku met Shehu Musa Yar'Adua, the second-in-command to the military government that ruled Nigeria between 1976 and 1979. He actively became involved in politics and in 1989, he became the National Vice-Chairman of the People's Front of Nigeria.
In the 1989 Constituent Assembly, he was elected to represent his constituency. He won the primaries to contest for the gubernatorial election, 1991 under the Social Democratic Party but was disqualified. He was to contest in the presidential elections, 1992 but later stepped down for MKO Abiola.

Atiku won the election to become the Governor of Adamawa State, 1998 but was called to be the PDP presidential candidate, Olusegun Obasanjp's running mate and they won. He became the Vice President of Nigeria on the 29th of May, 1999.
On the 20th of December, 2006, Atiku was chosen as the Action Congress' presidential candidate but lost to PDP's Umaru Musa Yar'Adua. He contested for PDP's primary election, January 2011 and also lost. On the 2nd of February 2014, Atiku ledt the PDP to APC and contested for the presidential primaries ticket, he lost to President Buhari.
He is the presidential candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP for the 2019 election.

Atiku Abubakar Net Worth

Aside being a politician, Atiku Abubakar is also a successful business man and has a lot of assets and of course, investments. He is estimated to be worth $1.4 billion (networthhouse.com).

Social Media Handles

Atiku is a good user of the social media just like other top Nigeria politicians. You can get him on Twitter @Atiku.

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