Moringa Seeds | Uses, Benefits, Side Effects And All You Need To Know

Moringa Seeds | Uses, Benefits, Side Effects And All You Need To Know
The moringa is one special type of plant that everyone should know of, it has a lot of amazing benefits starting from its seeds to its fruits and leaves.
The moringa has left many scientists baffled because of the vast number of ailments that can be cured by a single plant. Starting from its ability to control the blood pressure, to its great benefits to the human heart and other internal organs.
The moringa seems like a great alternative to many drugs taken by we humans. After reading this article, I bet you won't hesitate in planting a seed of moringa in your compound.

What is Moringa?

The moringa seed is obtained from the pods of Moringa Oleifera (moringa plant) and it's believed to be of great benefit to the human health. Although it is widely known as Moringa in most parts of the world, the moringa can also be identified with many different names.
• India – drumstick tree
• Hindi – Sahijan
• Telugu – Munaga
• Tamil – Murungai
• Philippines – Mulunggay (this also sounds like the 'Moringa')

The moringa plant is very popular in Africa and Asia though native to the Northern India. The seeds while fresh and raw are quite tender, but get hard as they get dried. The seeds can be eaten in many different ways, they can be boiled, steamed or even roasted, depending on the consumer's choice.
According to Dr. Manoj K. Ahuja, moringa seeds are nutrient-dense plants that are rich in calcium, vitamins, essential amino acids and iron.
With all these nutrients, the moringa seeds and plants in general has a lot to offer to we humans, let's check out some amazing benefits of the moringa seeds:

Benefits of the Moringa Leaves and Seeds

The moringa seed, obtained from the pods of the Moringa tree and eaten either by steaming, boiling or roasting has been proven to be of great benefits to the human health.

Some of its benefits include:

• Moringa improves sleep

Drinking of moringa leaves steeped in hot water for 15 minutes can help you get a good night sleep. If your job is affecting your sleep, you can start practicing this daily and in a short while, a clear difference will be observed.
Also, practicing this will leave you energised in tackling your regular tasks the next day, according to Dr. Choudhary of Max Hospital.

• Moringa helps in the regulation of the blood sugar levels

Due to its content of zinc, moringa seeds are great for the management and prevention of diabetes.

• It promotes heart health

According to scientists, moringa seeds are helpful in the reduction of the amount of oxidised lipids in the human body. They take care of our heart by safeguarding its tissues from constructional damages.

• Moringa induces death of cancer cells

Due to their anti-carcinogenic effects, moringa seeds can stop the development and growth of cancer cells by increasing their death count.

• The also promote healthy skin

Due to its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiseptic properties, the moringa seeds have been proven to be of great benefits to the skin. The oils that are obtained from these seeds are also used as moisturizers for the treatment of skin problems like sun burn and skin rashes. 

• Moringa seeds and plants are great sources of iron

According to NDTV.com, a single serving of moringa contains almost three times the same amount of iron as spinach. Iron is very important to us, especially vegetarians suffering from low iron issues.
The human body needs iron for the enrichment of the blood and distribution of oxygen to our organs, muscles and tissues.

• Moringa also helps in the reduction of joint pain

According to Dr. Ashutosh Gautam of Baidyanath, moringa seeds are great for those suffering from joint pains. They are a great supplement of calcium and aid in the reduction of severe bone disorders like arthritis.

The benefits of the moringa seeds are so much and can't be under-estimated, also it is worth knowing that moringa is among the list of plants proven to be of great aid in reversing bad cholesterol in the body.
The oil gotten from the moringa also contains nearly 30 antioxidants, which help in saving the human body from severe oxidative damage.
These shows how beneficial the moringa is to the human body, but does that mean that we should excessively consume them? Well let's find out in the side effects and risks of moringa seeds.

Side effects and risks of taking Moringa

Although the moringa plants, fruits and seeds are generally safe when eaten, it is important to avoid eating the root extracts. According to Webmd.com, the root extracts may contain a toxic or harmful substance that can cause paralysis and death.
Also, pregnant and breast-feeding women are generally advised against using the bark, root or flowers of moringa plant as the chemicals present in them can lead to the contraction of the uterus, thereby increasing the risk of miscarriages.

Risks involved in taking the Moringa

• Patients on diabetes medications are generally advised against taking moringa, this is because the moringa seeds help in the lowering of the blood sugar. Combining the moringa with their regular diabetes medications can lead to a low sugar level in the body.
• Moringa has been proven to be of great aid in the lowering of the blood pressure, so taking it with your regular B.P medications might lead to a low blood pressure which is also not safe.

These are some of the benefits and disadvantages of the moringa seeds, don't forget to drop us a comment if you have a contribution to make and share this article with your friends.


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