Steve Crown Biography, Age, Family, Net Worth, Songs And All You Need To Know About Him

Steve Crown Biography
Steve Crown came into limelight after his viral song, 'You are great'.
With so much people searching about him, we have decided to write on Steve Crown's biography, age, date of birth, wife, children, net worth, cars, houses and every other thing you need to know abut him.

Steve Crown Date Of Birth, Age, Early Life, Education And Career

Born in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria, Steve Crown started showing steep interest in music at an early age of four. He joined the Saint John’s Anglican Church at the age of eight and became a member of a a well-known kids club, Deacon Kids Band. He went to school in Nigeria and finished before venturing into music.
According to him, he got inspired to do music because of the mysteries of the world. There were so many things that were beyond ordinary on earth, the seasons were always in place, the moons, stars and sun always hanging up there and everything else the way the Creator placed them.

Quoting his interview with the Daily Sun,
“Sometimes, I sit and ask myself questions. I keep trying to find the right answers to them. I ask myself questions on the existence of man. I ask myself how creation, sun, birds, and sea came about. Everything is just perfect. Time and season come and go without failing. I have asked myself questions about miracles. You see someone who had a problem and the problem was solved, just because he called upon Jesus.” Steve Crown 
Yet another interview
“I wondered about all these mysteries. But the one that makes me wonder the most is God, who created heaven and earth, can we tell who created Him? Okay, that question can run anybody mad. So, for me, I felt that God who we can’t tell who created must be feared. He is just way too much for us to comprehend, and that is how You Are Great came about. Most prophets of old wrote about Him, but there is much more about Him that a human being can describe."
Well, I wouldn't be wrong to say that 'his love for God brought him fame'! It was his inspiration for the song,'You are great' and that pushed him into limelight.
Some of Steve Crown's songs include:
- You are Great
- Ejiro
- Imela
- All the way

Steve Crown Net Worth

From our estimations, gospel singer Steve Crown should be worth close to $200,000.

Social Media Handles

Steve uses the social media very well and you can get him on:
- Instagram @steve_crown_official
- Twitter @stevecrownmusic

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