The prominent advantages of using vaping pods for satisfying the craving for smoking

The prominent advantages of using vaping pods for satisfying the craving for smoking
Smoking has been a socially acceptable trait until the problems related to tobacco smoking became a major source of concern.
When people smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes, thick smoke is emanated from the burning of the tobacco. The filter which is present at the end of a conventional cigarette is provided to filter out some harmful compounds, but that little filter cannot nullify the effects of tobacco smoke that enters the person’s body through the mouth and nostrils.

The environment also shows a higher level of air pollution due to the smoke released from cigarettes. It is often thought that many pollutants pollute the atmosphere and reduce air quality but a single cigarette doesn’t provide high levels of smoke. In this regard, it should be noted that when multiple people smoke many cigarettes, then the collective smoking undoubtedly produces a lot of smoke that impacts the air quality. Therefore the harm caused by smoking is well known.

Steps taken for regulating smoking

There are many laws which are implemented for curbing free smoking. Some of these norms are given below:

- The smoking of conventional tobacco cigarettes is prohibited in public places like public transport and hospitals. The no smoking zones are outlined by using a poster or banner prohibiting smoking. People are not allowed to smoke in these areas.
- The imposition of a fine for people who violate the protocol of no smoking is present so that individuals are deterred from smoking in public places.
- The sale of cigarettes is restricted to only adults. No underage individuals are legally permitted to purchase cigarette packs from shops. This norm is usually maintained by all stores that sell cigarettes.
- The printing of statutory warning on cigarette packets is done to point out the unhealthy and even dangerous practice of smoking cigarettes to individual purchasers.

The above-mentioned steps are taken, so that cigarette smoking gets curbed, but statistics have shown that the number of individuals affected with diseases caused by ongoing cigarette smoking has increased considerably.  Hence other options are being formulated so that cigarette smoking can be reduced.

The suitability of devices that allow vapor inhalation

When the problem of cigarette smoking couldn’t be simply curbed by placing rules and regulations another way of bringing down the number of cigarette smokers was introduced. This is known as the vaping method which is also popularly termed as e-cigarettes. The vaping of fluids employs the use of a contraption that is electronically fuelled to produce vapors of a liquid by heating it. The vapors are then inhaled or enter the lungs through sucking which delivers nicotine to the human body. The electronic device which is present for producing the vapors is called e-cigarette as it does not involve the formation of tobacco smoke while vaping. The vapor technique doesn’t release thick smoke which is produced in huge amount when a traditional cigarette is smoked. Therefore in multiple ways, the vaping of E liquids has been considered as an environmentally safe alternative. 

When it comes to the individual who is choosing vaping instead of smoking the benefits for that person are manifold. A few of these benefits are given below:

- The opportunity to curb smoking:

When a person has been involved in the smoking of tobacco cigarettes for quite some time, then it is understandable that it might not be possible to reduce the number of cigarettes quickly and. However, if a person chooses to vape mixed nicotine e-liquid, then the nicotine craving will be satisfied. The actions of smoking will also be fulfilled by vaping as the experience of vaping devices is specifically designed to mimic the sensation of smoking. The vaping alternative will help a person to successfully bring down the number of cigarettes that are being smoked. The idea of quitting cigarette smoking is also possible through vaping because one won’t have to face severe withdrawal symptoms if he/she swaps traditional cigarettes for e-cigarettes. In his way, it will become easier not only to curb the habit of chain smoking, but it can also aid in quitting smoking altogether for one's good. 

- The scope to reduce the use of addictive substances:

Vaping is done by heating a suitable liquid which can be turned into vapors quite easily. This vaping fluid can contain varying amounts of nicotine or can be made by introducing an entirely non-addictive compound that relaxes the body but does not cause any addiction. The pods which are the liquid containing cartridges of e-cigarettes can also have no nicotine and only a flavored fluid. Hence a person gets the chance to stop the use of addictive substances. People who smoke profusely might not be able to opt for a low nicotine pod at the very beginning, but with time he/she can wean himself/herself out of that addiction by gradually lowering the amount of nicotine used in the cartridge. This process of gradual weaning will help in minimizing effects of withdrawal because in most cases severe withdrawal effects are the prime cause for relapses in individuals who are addicted to one or more types of dependence causing drugs.

- The range of flavors used in the cartridges of e-cigarettes:

E-cigarettes or vaping gadgets have pods or cartridges that contain the e-liquid. To make the vaping experience more interesting flavors are introduced so that it can be tasted in the mouth while inhaling the vapors. Many individuals like specific flavors of fruits or other food items, and if through vaping such flavors can be enjoyed then it makes the whole process even more pleasurable. People can also select a range of favorite flavors and try out new flavors each time he/she vapes.

Therefore, it can be well understood that vaping as a method of nicotine intake is safer than smoking and will also provide the opportunity to individuals to diversify their vaping experience by the use of different e-juices and flavors. Many people are opting for vaping these days. 


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