How To Join Illuminati In Nigeria

How To Join Illuminati In Nigeria
For years the Illuminati and related bla bla bla have been a mystery. With so making people looking for money, they are now seriously looking for how to join the Illuminati sect.
Well, I'm not a religious Police officer and we all have freedom of religious choices. In fact, if you're not up to 18 and still under your parents, please close this page now.
There are so many things people can allegedly benefit from belonging to this sect, and some of them include:

- Money

We are Africans and most times claim our successful fellow Africans belong somewhere...Lol! This mentality is really keeping people below their success.
Nevertheless, people want to belong to the Illuminati, Church of Satan and related organizations to make money.

- Fame

This celebrity will flash the pyramid sign, another will flash the one eye sign and yet another will close an eye to take a photo. These signs are all linked to the Illuminati and so when people do them, we assume they all belong.
Maybe this is also why the others eager to become famous are looking for ways to belong. Who knows how many Nigerian celebrities belong to the Illuminati?

- Protection

Truth is that we are humans and filled with fear. It is to conquer these fears that we rush into religions and the Illuminati is one of them.

So many people are looking for how to join the Illuminati in Africa and countries like Ghana, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, Togo, Gabon, Nigeria and so on. The Illuminati scam now in the net are more than the real ones...so sad!
Don't worry, I'll show you how to join the Illuminati, but before then, why do you want to join?

- Life's frustration?
I bet you when you make money, all frustrations will be over. There are so many ways to make money easily, and so I suggest you bookmark this page and go check them out.
If they don't help you, then you can continue.
- Fame?
If you aren't famous, you are probably not doing something right. I have written and studied the biographies of so many Nigerian celebrities, many of them started from the bottom.
I believe you aren't even in the bottom now, keep pushing!
- Protection?
I know you might be a politician or some sort of public figure, but do you really think anyone is chasing you? I don't know, you'd know better.
For me, I think people are too busy with their businesses to chase you except your hands are sort of not clean.

Well, to join the Illuminati, I have seen so many scams, but just today I saw something that looked close to real.
Under the website, they boldly put it that there are no membership fees  and donations are not accepted.
Maybe it looks realer than other ones who ask you to purchase their books, talisman and products, pay sign up fees and so on. I'm not an advertiser, so wouldn't talk more on it.
If you want to know more, visit their official website or go to the join page.

Hei...and also, I gave you because you asked! I'm not in any way affiliated to them neither is our this website or even article. We are not responsible for any gains or losses you sustain from this article. In fact, it was not verified, how are we to verify it...Lol!
Shine your eyes...

Do you know any other ways of joining the Illuminati, or you have a question for them or about them, then drop us a comment.
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