How To Use The Public Toilets Safely

How To Use The Public Toilets Safely
We are all humans and eat, so we must poo. There are times when it turns out that we MUST use the latrines in the malls, filling stations, churches, mosques or whatever public places and now we have to play safe.
There are so many infections which one can pick from the toilet, but a little act of neatness could have prevented them. Some of these infections could lead to serious health complications such as nausea, infertility and even up till death and we never want all these.

We cannot teach everyone how to keep the public toilets neat, but we can learn how to play safe when using them. These public restroom safety tips will go a long way to helping you defecate freely in any latrine without having to take any antibiotics.
We will be showing you how to use the toilet properly, and how to overcome the fear of germs in public restrooms. It is very dangerous to stand on top of the water closet, and you should never do that.
It could break and send ceramics into your body, and that could be fatal.

Whenever you are making use of the public toilets, ensure you take these steps for your own safety:

- Flush the toilet

Times it would be neat, the rest not, but you should make sure you flush the wc once you get there. The last user might have urinated and not stained it, so would ignore flushing it. What about people  who pour saliva? Maybe the possibilities are too much to count.
Just save yourself the headache and press down the flush button.

- Roll out some tissue, then clean the seat

This is very essential. You are not sharing the toilet with s family member, so you will need to clean the seat. Moreover, it might be wet and when you sit on it and put on your dress, it will wet them.
The after effects? Bacteria! 

- Throw in the tissue you used in cleaning it into the water closet

This will help you to poo without having the water splash up to your bum. The water itself might be dirty, so safe yourself that headache. Throw in the tissue and it will stop the water and sh*t from bouncing back to you.

- Line up some toilet paper on the seat

Take some of the tissue and line them up on the toilet seat so you do not have to sit directly on it. Never trust public toilets 100%, just do this.

- Now sit down and do your thing

Lol... just sit down and do your thing, don't spend much time, someone might be waiting. Also, it might look weird to come out of the toilet after an hour, remember that it's not your home where you use your phone inside there.

- Clean up yourself very well

Immediately you are done, clean up yourself very well, wash your hands with soap and dry it, dress up and come out smiling.

I bet no one would believe you just finished pooing. I'm not writing out of experience o...fine boys like us don't poo..huh??
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