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Nicole Tuck Biography
Top American disk jockey, Khaled Mohamed Khaled is one of the biggest entertainers in the world. Having worked with top American and world entertainment stars and brands, he is probably also one of the wealthiest.
The father of one, Asahd Khalid is always on the media, but his wife is someone we never see on news.
I took a quick scroll through Dj Khaled and his son, Asahd Instagram handles and couldn't see a single photo of the wife...Lol!
Well, that's the way she wants her life to be, and it's best for her. For those looking for photos of Dj Khalid's wife, well we got you covered. You'll meet American top Dj, Khaled's wife, Nicole Tuck.

We'll be seeing Nicole Tuck's biography, date of birth, age, early life, education, family, mother, father, siblings, husband, children, career, net worth, social media handles and more.
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Key Facts About Nicole Tuck

Full Name: Nicole Tuck
Date Of Birth: 7th December, 1975
Place Of Birth: United States Of America
Nationality: United States Of America
Career: Businessperson, fashion designer, artist manager
Family Members: Khaled Mohamed Khaled (Dj Khaled) (husband), Asahd Khaled (son)
Net Worth: $20 million

Nicole Tuck Biography, Age, Early Life, Family Members 

Born 7th December, 1975, American businesswoman, wife of top American entertainer and mother of Instagram star, Nicole Turk had her undergraduate degree from the Marymount Manhattan College, United States of America.
She proceeded to the Fordham University from which she shot her Master's degree. Nicole is of a Palestinian and African-American origin and met Khaled in the 1990's.

Not much is known about Nicole's family and early life, but from reports, she came from a prominent family. In 2011, she started a business with ABU Apparel but it wasn't so successful, and was shut down.
As at that time, her relationship with Khaled was already getting very strong and they were dating. She was Dj Kaled's manager then and Dj Khaled was also her brand was also her brand ambassador. 

The couple eventually got married and had a kid, Asahd Khaled in 2016. Thanks to his father's social status,  Asahd was born a celebrity and has already gotten more than 2 million Instagram followers.

Nicole Turk Net Worth

Nicole Turk is a businesswoman, musician artist and fashion designer. She also comes from a prominent family and lives a very luxurious lifestyle.
She is estimated to be worth $20 million.

Social Media Profiles

Though Nicole Turk doesn't frequent the social media so well, she still has an account. 
You can get her on:
Instagram @TheRealNicTuc

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