9 Nollywood Star Actresses Who Sacrificed Their Careers For Marriage

Nollywood Star Actresses Who Sacrificed Their Career For Marriage
No matter how booming your career is, you are still an African and here we prioritize marriage to the core.
Getting high in the society as an African lady would never be fully appreciated except there is a man behind you, so to say. InfoGuideAfrica.com has compiled a list of nine Nollywood female stars who quit their acting career because they had to get married.

These female stars were already in the focal point before the likes of Mercy Johnson came into limelight. Their marriages resulted in their disappearances, or rather contributed hugely.
A few of them though no longer residing in the country, our major interest is that they stopped appearing in movies probably because they got married!

- Victoria Inyama

Nollywood Star Actresses Who Sacrificed Their Career For Marriage
Victoria Inyama is an Enugu born veteran actress. She graduated from the University of Lagos and is married to Ben Okri. According to some relaible online sources, she is currently in the Lewisham Counseling school of London studying counseling.
Having started an acting career in the year 1990, she in a recent interview stated that she was brought into the Nollywood industry by Alex Usifo.
She got married to Ben Okri and relocated to the United Kingdom, where she faced her family life squarely and it negatively affected her entertainment career.

- Rita Nzelu

Nollywood Star Actresses Who Sacrificed Their Career For Marriage
Rita Nzelu is a Nigerian veteran actress who had been featured in so many movies such as Baby Mama's, Hour of Mercy, Living in Bondage and Smooth Operator. From the news, her marriage of 14 years just crashed (2018) but until then, it negatively affected her career. She got married to Simeon Okoro in the year 2004.
She was born and bred in Enugu State, Nigeria and joined the Nollywood industry in the year 1990. She was featured in over 100 movies before her career came to a pause. She later left the country to relocate to the United Kingdom, where she focused on her family too, thereby saying goodbye to the Nollywood. We hope she returns sooner.

- Regina Askia-Williams

Nollywood Star Actresses Who Sacrificed Their Career For Marriage
Regina Askia-Williams is a Nigerian born actress, who found fame from the Nollywood and modelling indusrty. She is presently based in America where she is a healthcare and educational activist, family nurse practitioner, writer, tv producer and speaker.
A one-time pageant winner, she is also a popular face in the Nigerian fashion industry and a TV host. She was featured in so many Nigerian movies and soap operas in the 1990s and early 2000s, and won so many awards. Her acting career came to a halt in the year 1993. She is presently married to American Rudolph 'Rudy' Williams, who is a nephew of Ron Everette and a grandson of Fess Williams. They have two issues.

- Dolly Unachukwu

Nollywood Star Actresses Who Sacrificed Their Career For Marriage
Born 1st November, 1969, Dolly Unachukwu is undeniably one of the pioneers of the Nollywood movie industry. She is a talented script writer, movie producer and actress. She was born into a family of  seven and started acting at the age of 16.
Her marriage crashed in the year 1994 and she became a single parent. She released a controversial movie after the incidence, telling her life story and her ex-husband threatened to sue her for using his  real name. She later remarried 2000 and then joined her husband in the United Kingdom resulting in her disappearance from the movie industry.

- Susan Patrick

Nollywood Star Actresses Who Sacrificed Their Career For Marriage
With her gap teeth and beautiful face, Susan Patrick came into limelight after her thrilling performance in the movie, 'Snake Girl'. She was one of Nigeria's top actresses in the early 1990s.
However, she fell into a controversy when it was rumored that she snatched someone's husband, while still studying in the University of Lagos. That contributed to her disappearance from the industry and till now, she is yet to do a come-back.

- Sandra Achums

Nollywood Star Actresses Who Sacrificed Their Career For Marriage
With speedy fame then, who'd have thought that Sandra Achums would quit the Nollywood industry so soon? She was once known as the 'Darling of Nollywood' but today is off the stage. Born 19th November, 1967, she is an indigene of Imo State, Nigeria.
Sandra relocated to Germany after her marriage crashed and began a private business. She has four kids.

- Opeyemi Ayeola

Nollywood Star Actresses Who Sacrificed Their Career For Marriage
Ohun State born actress, Opeyemi Ayeola got married to Babatunde Olayiwola Owolomose in the year 2007 and they have three kids, of which David Oluwasemilore is the first. She is a talented Nigerian actress, who is very popular for her expertise in the Yoruba language. She first identified with the Nollywood industry in 1998, after her first movie, 'Ige Adubi'.
She however disappeared from the Nollywood limelight after her marriage.

- Maureen Solomon

Nollywood Star Actresses Who Sacrificed Their Career For Marriage
With movies like In Her Shoes and Leap of Faith, Nollywood star actress, Maureen Solomon really got us glued to our TV screens in the early 2000s. A talented actress, she disappeared from the limelight when we were expecting the very best from her.
According to a recent interview by the SunNewsOnline, she said that her husband never stopped her from acting, as opposing some rumors which were spread concerning her. She got married 2005 and quit the limelight 2011, so her claims would actually be true.

- Georgina Onuoha

Nollywood Star Actresses Who Sacrificed Their Career For Marriage
If you remember movies like Egg of Life and Miss Nigeria, then you probably remember Georgina Onuoha. A famous Nigerian model, actress and tv personality, she no doubt one of the talented artists we have in the East. She hails from Anambra State, Nigeria.
Born 29th of September, 1980, she is married to Ifeanyi Igwegbe. There are however rumors that she had broken up with her husband, but she is currently residing in the United States of America.

What do you think of these our lovely celebrities? How many of them do you miss? How many do you wish to return back to your screen? For me, ALL! Kindly share and let your friends know what you feel too.
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