4 Important Things You Must Think About Before You Get A Job Abroad

4 Important Things You Must Think About Before You Get A Job Abroad
Moving to another country for work is a huge step, but you probably have your reasons for wanting it, even if it’s just to make a change, travel or experience a new place.
Making sure that you are ready before you leave isn’t so easy. You have a lot to leave behind and even more out there, waiting for you. 
So, what are some of the things that you need to consider before you head on this big journey? Here are top 4 elements to think about:

It’s a change in lifestyle

Moving to another country means that your whole lifestyle will have to change. Nothing will be what you are used to - and to an extent, that’s a part of the magic. But the lifestyle change may come on too strong for some people. 
Maybe your commute will be substantially longer - for instance, you travel for 15 minutes by car to work now and you will have to travel for an hour when you go abroad. You also won’t have any friends in the beginning, you won’t know about best restaurants and the language might be an issue as well. You won’t be in a familiar place anymore. 

- How will you establish a network?

“You need to consider how you’ll find friends and people you trust there. Of course, coworkers are your first thought. But what if you don’t like them? What if there is a language barrier? 
How will you find business contacts? All of these questions are important ones because you need to talk to people and socialize - even if you are an introvert. Especially so if you want to succeed,” says Turner Williams, a Project Manager at 1Day2Write and Australia2Write.

- How will your lifestyle change?

Keep in mind that a different country inherently means different habits and lifestyle. 
You need to pinpoint exactly how your life will differ and think about you are ready to make these changes. 

- How will the climate affect you? 

You probably know what kind of climate you are switching to. But, are you aware of all of the specifics of that climate. Are you going to be okay if the weather is too hot or too cold. 
For instance, if you love the beach in your home city and go to the beach every day, would you be okay with constant snow in the country you are moving to or vice versa?

- Will you get culture shock?

No matter where you are going, the culture is bound to be at least a bit different. How will you deal with that? Maybe there will be some restrictions because of the country’s traditional mentality. 
Will you be able to follow through on that? Think about the culture you are entering and how that culture will reflect on you. 

Consider your feelings

Feelings may not seem important when you are trying to be rational, but bear in mind that you will probably have some issues with leaving because of people you love. You might also experience some other issues related to you specifically. 

- Will you get homesick?

“How attached are you to your home town? If the answer is a lot, you might experience more issues than you expected. If you leave a lot of people behind, this will trouble you as well. 
For example, if you leave your partner behind, your parents or best friends. Make sure that you are aware of what you will feel like and how you will cope with it,” says Natasha Loren, an HR Manager at WriteMyX and BritStudent.

- Is this the right country for you?

Some countries may be more appropriate for your personality than others. Consider the climate, the overall mentality in this country and so on. 
You can even take into account your favorite activities and find a country where you’ll still be able to enjoy them. All of this can make all the difference when it comes to your experience. 

- Will you get lonely?

Loneliness can turn your experience into a nightmare. So, make sure that you won’t be lonely. Get a roommate or ask a friend to take this adventure with you. 

- Why are you going?

What is your reason for leaving? Figure this out and make sure that you are going for all the right reasons instead of going out of spite or anger. 

Consider the finance

Of course, you will need a certain amount of money for the big move to work. So, consider these questions before making a decision.

- Does it make sense financially?

Is your paycheck enough at your current position? What about the paycheck you’ll get in relation to the overall cost of being in this new country? 
Can you afford the move? Can you afford to live in this new location?

- What is the cost of living?

How much will the apartment with utilities cost? How about transportation? What is the cost of food or general necessities? 
Consider all of these things when deciding whether it makes financial sense and whether you can afford the move. 

- What will it cost to visit your family?

How expensive are the plane tickets to come back home when you feel homesick? How often will you be able to come back?

Visa, health and work

These are mostly legal and safety considerations that you need to take into account before you make a decision. 

- What kind of visa will you need?

How long can your visa last? How soon can you get it? 

- What about the healthcare system in that country?

If something happens to you, who will help you? Will you have to pay for it? How expensive is healthcare there?

- What are your work conditions like?

Will your work conditions be okay for your needs? Research your employer before leaving and get a good grasp at what is waiting for you. 

Before you make your big move, do plenty of research and consider all of your possibilities, starting with which country you’ll move to job opportunities. Make sure that this is the experience you’ll enjoy for a long time.

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