7 Things You Must Do To Grow Your Online Business In The First Year And Make Money

7 Things You Must Do To Grow Your Online Business In The First Year And Make Money
Running a successful business involves a lot of things other than just getting a capital and investing in your potential business.
After registering your business with the government and doing other essential things, the next steep will be on the best way to run it in order to maximise your profit.
This article will be focusing on how to grow your online business (or offline business using online resources) in your first year of starting the business.
The fact that the internet has really been helping lives is undeniable, almost any type of business can now be taken online. Recently, I saw an akara seller advertising on Facebook and getting positive reviews and comments from people that have previously purchased the akara.
It is a fact that eCommerce has come to stay and the earlier you grab it, the better for you. Majority of the world's billionaires are all people earning from the internet and a whole lot more have taken their physical business online.
So, if you're a business owner interested in bringing out the best from your business in your first year of running it, this article will be of a great help to you.

7 Things Every New Business Owner Must Do The First Year Of Running The Business

The first year of running any business is usually now easy as it comes with a lot of strenuous tasks and challenges. Many of these challenges are things that can be avoided if well planned or prepared for.
The first step in preparing yourself on tackling these issues is by being enlightened on things you may be experiencing as a new business owner. If you'd want to get the best out of your business in your first year of running it, you should do these things:

• Always create high-quality content

If you have an eCommerce website that sells creams, try having a section in your website for teaching people the benefits of using good creams and things like that. For example, you can blog on the benefits of Vitamin E to the skin and stylishly inform your readers that your cream contains Vitamin E. This also applies to all other forms of online businesses and eCommerce stores.
Another benefit of creating rich contents is that it'll help you in optimizing your website for search engines. According to many SEO experts, 'Content is King' in terms of getting your links in the first pages of the many search engines. Before you write your next blog post, try reading his article on How to write a good search engine optimised blog post, I'm sure it'll be of a great aid.

• Personalise your website experience

Personalising your website will make your customers feel at home whenever they are surfing through your site. If someone visits your website for the first time and browses through your cosmetics section, the next time s/he comes, showing the previously viewed items will surely motivate him/her into purchasing the item.
Many websites like Amazon, Jumia and Konga are utilising this method, if it's not working, I guess they should have stopped it decades ago.

• Leverage the power of the social media platforms

Facebook, the world's most used social networking platform has more that 1 billion active users, Twitter and the rest also have millions of users. We have previously listed some amazing importance of the social media to our careers especially in the business sector.
So as a business owner, your major concern should be on how to get a good and well targeted social media audience. One major secret you should not forget is, work more on getting recurring blog readers to your blog not just visitors. You can do this by making them subscribe to your email list, push notification, chat bot or SMS alerts.
NOTE: If you're busy, you can contact us to manage your social media platforms at affordable rates.

• Start an affiliate partner program

This works like magic, in fact I've read many testimonials from business owners that have previously implemented this strategy. Let's assume you sell digital products like eBooks on your website and would love to start an affiliate program for other influencers, take a look at how it can boost your profit.
You normally sell an eBook for ₦1,000 but decide to start giving influencers ₦200 for each sale generated by them. If you have 10 influencers generate 10 sales each, you've made ₦100 sales without running any adverts. That means making ₦80,000 from the sales and the influencers earning ₦2000 each. You can still run your own adverts to generate sales yourself too.
• Use social proof to win customers
Have you ever seen a website listing their list of subscribers? I've seen many of them and it helps in motivating other visitors into subscribing too.
7 Things You Must Do To Grow Your Online Business In The First Year And Make Money
This is an example of a social proof from a website with over 1 million subscribers. It is a psychological phenomenon in which people conform to the actions of others under the assumption that those actions are reflective of the correct behavior.
You can start using social proof today by showing your customers that other people already trust your products. You can share your subscriber counts, statistics, customer testimonials, and other things.
7 Things You Must Do To Grow Your Online Business In The First Year And Make Money
Showing your social shares can also push people into sharing your articles. It'll give them the impression that since other people are really interested in the content(s), their friends would love to see the content(s) too.

• Utilize pay-per-click advertising

Many ad networks like Google Adsense and Chitika offer advertisers the option of paying for their ads on pay-per-click basis. This means that you'll only be charged when your ads are clicked and not when they are displayed.
You will also be given the liberty of choosing your budget, how long your ads will run and your audience. Ads can be displayed to only one sex, people in a particular age grade and more.
Good a thing, many advertising networks offer coupon codes for their first time users which enables them to run ads at discounted rates or even free of charges.

• Make it easy for your customers to contact you

How easy is your contact form? Do your customers need to run Google searches before they'll be able to see your contact form?
7 Things You Must Do To Grow Your Online Business In The First Year And Make Money
Many websites make use of contact forms but we removed ours because of the number of void reply emails we received daily. However, our contact form is still visible on every page and our users don't find it tasky looking for how to contact us.

In Conclusion

The secret of succeeding in every online business is building trust among your customers. Deliver your services on time, give people what the ordered for and avoid fake items. Customers' reviews still remains one of the best ways of growing your brands.
If you have any contributions to make or questions to ask, don't hesitate in dropping them as comments. Also, share this article to your friends and Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more awesome resources. 
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