7 Simple Ways You Can Help Save The Earth

7 Simple Ways You Can Help Save The Earth
10 simple things you can start doing today in order to help make the Earth a better place to live in. The Earth is is the third planet from the sun and the only planet that harbours life. Over the years, the Earth planet has evolved and improved rapidly, changing from the use of crude and subsistence tools to more advanced tools.
Many things we are currently enjoying today were invented over the years, from our kitchen grinders to the aeroplanes that help in transporting us across the oceans. In the last two centuries, moving from one continent to another warranted spending months in the sea but in the present world, you'll only have to spend a few hours in the air.
This is one of the advantages of technology but as they always say, everything that has an advantage also has a disadvantage and technology is not an exception to this. Many of the things we currently enjoy also contribute to one environmental issue or the other.
For example, the plastic wastes from our dust-bins don't decompose and therefore, lead to the pollution of our lands or the air when burnt. The petroleum products are good causes of air and sea pollution.  These are some of the products we use in our daily lives that if we manage properly, would to an extent, not cause us any harms.
Let's check out how possible and what we need to do.

10 Simple Things We Need To Do To Protect Our Earth

The Earth is ours and for the years we'll spend on it, are mandated to take proper care of it if for no other thing, to make it safe for the younger generations.
Let's check out some simple things we can start practising today in order to make our Earth a better place:

• Follow the three "R's"

The three "R's" stands for "reduce, reuse, and recycle" and not only help in protecting the Earth, but also save us some money. Before you throw that can away, think of other ways of utilising it, if you see none, sell it to the nearest recycling company near you and the coming generation we'll be glad you did.

• Conserve water

The more water you conserve, the lesser waste water and runoff water that will eventually be deposited in the ocean. You can start conserving water today by turning off the tap while brushing or washing and fixing your leaks.There are many other ways and you use Google for them.

• Use long-lasting light bulbs

Before you buy an electric bulb, endeavour to check the label to see how long it was meant to last. Energy efficient light bulbs help in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Also, before you leave your room, turn off your lights as also helps in the conservation of energy.

• Shop wisely

Instead of going for the plastic bags that would eventually end in your garbage after one usage, while not purchase the usable bags? This also applies to some other items we use on daily basis.

• Plant a tree

Have you ever planted a tree in your lifetime and watched it grow? If no, set it as an assignment and see how fun it'll be. Trees are good for the ecosystem, they provide us with food and also supply the oxygen we need while taking in the carbon dioxide we breath out.
Planting trees around us won't only help in cleaning the air and saving energy, but also help in combating climatic changes.

• Drive less

Cars contribute a lot in the air pollution, that's why the level of air pollution in cities is far higher than the villages. You can reduce your rate of driving by using the public buses, trains (where available) and flight while embarking on long journeys.

• Volunteer

If you really love the Earth, you can volunteer for clean ups in your community. You can also organise rallies with other like minds and campaign on the importance of protecting the Earth.

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