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Implications Of Chatbots As A New Innovation
Nowadays messaging apps are becoming one of the most used services by users of mobile devices.
For this reason, several sectors are incorporating these channels to their business models, an assignment writing services UK that will not be controlled by people, but by robots. In this sense, both publishers and messaging apps are focusing all their efforts on the development of artificial intelligence software to create Chatbots, that is, bots capable of entering into conversations with users. 

Chatbots are the new technology and offer a totally customized user experience where the final result is guaranteed: increase your sales and conversions. 
Two companies that have already decided to host this new technology are the Washington Post and the Out brain platform , which will use bots to distribute their content.

Characteristics of Chatbots

These assistants have a series of characteristics that allow them to act as if they were a human being. The first one has to do with natural language processing technology. And is that the bots can understand the requests made by Internet users in such a way that they will not be lost to possible variations and interpretations that people make of the language.
Another ability that defines Chatbots has to do with its ability to acquire new knowledge. Regardless of the area in which you operate a bot, your knowledge of the area in question will be basic, so that your relationship with each person will be unique as it will learn and adapt based on the information provided by each user. 
This functionality is possible due to the development of Artificial Intelligence. In this way, personal assistants like Sir i and Cortana already exist, although they still have failures and have much to improve.
However, the construction of this feature requires a lot of work since it can generate too much autonomy in the bots and eventually they can end up learning more than necessary. This is what happened to Tay , the Chatbots created by Microsoft, which began to make racist and misogynistic comments on social networks.

Chatbots in Digital Marketing

Chatbots are the new technology and they are here to stay. Undoubtedly, a tool that you must implement in your business if you want to attract new customers, build loyalty to existing ones and increase your sales. Chatbots are "virtual robots" to put it in a simple way. 
It is a new software that recreates conversations with users in a natural and personalized way. This is a breakthrough in the field of Artificial Intelligence and can be applied to conversations with voice or in chats such as Messenger, WhatsApp or directly on your website.

An ideal tool to push your marketing campaigns, offer assistance to users and increase your sales. The ideal ally in your campaigns and strategies in social networks. Currently, there are 2.500 million users that use instant messaging and which your brand can reach through a bot. 
The use of Chatbots will allow you to save time and money. Also offer a fully customized user experience where the end result is guaranteed: increase your sales and conversions. 
The bots are the latest tool to go out to the market and are aimed at attracting customers and converting online sales. Facebook is the social network where the use of Chatbots is being implemented and the results that are being generated are totally encouraging. 
For now, Facebook has been the first social network to take the step, which indicates that this is the best time to start using this tool and stand out before your competition does. 

The experience with Chatbots offers you a totally personalized and automated interface. The message, the tone, the types of response ... everything can be configured to make users feel comfortable and happy with the experience. 

Advantages of the using Chatbots

Customer service in real time: You do not need to be connected to respond to the messages of your users. It's just a matter of configuring the questions and answers and the bot is responsible for giving a real-time response to your users
Increase message opening: It is proven that the use of bots increases the rate of message opening by up to 80% due to the use of notifications. Undoubtedly, the results are highly positive
Increase web traffic: The bots are automatically responsible for directing all users who have contacted your company directly to your website. Undoubtedly, conversions are guaranteed
Increase in online sales: Without a doubt, this is the main reason for the use of bots. Providing response in real time and directing users to your website can only translate into an increase in your online sales.


The presence of Chatbots in society is now a reality and everything points to the fact that they will be the new current to be taken into account in the world of technology, so that the main technology companies, such as Google or Facebook, will develop their own services. bots Although these tools can be a double-edged sword because they can cause the disuse of the services available to the technology in the face of the offer of possibilities that Chatbots can offer.

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