Ever Wondered Why Steering Wheels Are Not In The Center? Read This

Reasons Car Steering Wheels Are Either In The Right Or Left Side Of A Car
Most vehicles in all African countries have either the right hand drive or the left hand drive and you might have been wondering the reason behind this.
In 1972, after Nigeria gained their independence from Britain, in a bid to throw off its colonial past switched to the left hand drive. The story is also similar in many other African countries and you might have been wondering why the countries didn't adapt anything like the centre hand drive.

In a world where folks want everything to be balances, a world where mammals are said to be bilaterally symmetrical and major tools, centralised, the reason behind the steering of most vehicles might still be a shock to you.

Reasons Car Steering Wheels Are Either In The Right Or Left Side Of A Car

After seeing some of the reasons behind car steering wheels being put either in the right or left, you'll understand better why the case is different from that of sports cars.

Before we start, let me share a little story...

When Henry Ford started mass producing cars, he designed them with the steering wheels on the left hand side because of the most popular means of transportation prior to the invention of automobiles, the horse drawn carts.
This was adapted by most developed countries of the world until 1773 when the British, due to an on going rivalry with France decreed that left hand traffic was the norm. Remember I previously told you that Nigeria stopped using the right hand driving side in her quest to throw off its colonial past.

However, Nigeria is just one among many African countries that were colonised by the British and most of them are still maintaining the right driving side.
Other countries like India, Australia, Japan and Australia drive on the left and that is how it has always been.
What about the centre?

Reasons Car Steering Wheels Can't Be In The Centre

You've just read a short and interesting story on why different countries of the world have different driving sides. Did you also notice that no country officially has it's driving wheels in the centre?
Let's check out some reasons why steering wheels can't be in the centre:
- For a steering wheel to be in the centre, it means the car the front passenger seat(s) would have to be removed so the driver will be comfortable while driving. This won't be possible because most cars are not built to accommodate more than two people in the front.
- Secondly, with the driver's seat in the centre, the driver getting into the car would be uncomfortable as he'd have to jump over the passenger's seat.
- In a busy road, it'll be hard for the driver to stretch off his neck and look across the road since he's not sitting near the window. This will also make overtaking hard for the driver because he'd need to lean all the way to the right or left to see what is going on ahead.
- It'll be practically close to impossible for the driver to us the side mirrors as they'll be far from his sight.

These are not all, why don't you drop some other things that would happen if the steering wheels are built in the centre as comments below? Also,  don't forget to share with your friends!
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