5 Major Reasons You Must Check A Vehicles History Before Purchasing It

5 Major Reasons You Must Check A Vehicles History Before Purchasing It
When you are buying a car you are often not fully aware of the history of the vehicle, especially if it is used or pre-owned.
You can perform a vehicle history check before making any decision, and this will help you to find out how the car has been cared for and what services and maintenance have been performed on it. 

If you are applying for dealer car finance a history check is vital. A vehicle history check is in-depth and will show you exactly what services have been performed and you will also find out if anything has been repaired and replaced.  You will also be able to find out if the car has any money owed on it, which could impact your interest rates and the possibility of buying the car. All of this will affect whether or not you decide to buy the car, so keep reading for why it is important to check vehicle history. 

- There might be outstanding debt

If you are looking at buying a used car whether with cash or car finance, then it is important to know whether or not the previous owner had any outstanding debts. However, you might not be able to find out the precise amount that is owed by the previous owners.

Knowing if there is an outstanding debt will mean that you will need to organise a different way to finance your car, especially if you are purchasing from a private seller. You will need to speak to your bank or lender about this outstanding debt and what it will mean for the purchase. You might not be liable for repaying the debt but you will need to wait for the previous owner to repay it before making a final decision. 

- It might have been in a serious accident

Your new car might look clean and cared for, but you likely will not know if it has been in an accident that has caused major damage until you ask. Luckily, at most dealerships, you will receive a vehicle history report which will tell you if the car has been in an accident or if it has been damaged at all. 

This knowledge will enable you to make an informed decision, especially if it turns out that the car has been previously damaged. The details will be listed and if there were any insurance claims made from other parties, you can ask about these too. If you find that there has been damage, you can ask the dealership about it and see if it has had any effect on how the car drives and how safe it is on the road.

- The mileage is listed

A vehicle history report will give you an exact number for the mileage, and knowing this can tell you how the car was used and how it was driven. Dealerships are honest about the cars they sell but a private seller might not be, which is why you should request a vehicle history report before making any decisions. 

For example, a car might be listed as being “gently used” by someone who only drove it to and from work, but what they might not tell you is that the trip was a fair distance. The reading on the odometer will tell you how far the car was driven. If it is nearing its next service date, you will need to consider your purchase carefully, as a service can be expensive if the car has not been well maintained. 

- You can find out about its safety

Once you know the history of the car, you will know how safe it is to drive. For example, an older car might not be as unsafe as you think if the vehicle history report shows it has had regular services and has not been in any accidents. But a more recent model could have been left unmaintained and been in several minor accidents, causing the car to be unsafe. 

A vehicle history report will show you how safe a car is, allowing you to make an informed decision on the vehicle. You can ask your dealer for a detailed report and compare it to others in order to find a car that has been looked after and has not been in any accidents. Minor damage to a car will also be listed, such as dents or scratches, so you will be able to see when and where it was fixed, and if these will affect the safety of the vehicle. 

- Find out the car’s value

Knowing whether or not there is any outstanding debt on the car and if it has been in any major accidents is important, as it will give you a clear picture of the car’s value. You will also know the exact mileage of the car as well as how safe it is, which will help you to make a final decision about whether or not it is a worthwhile investment. 

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