Chitika To Be Shut Down, See Whats Next For Publishers

Chitika To Be Shut Down, See What's Next For Publishers
Chitika one of the most popular advertising networks will be shutting down soon due to termination of their partnership with their biggest exchange partner.
According to information released on their website, no earnings accumulated after March 1st 2019 will be paid out. All earnings after on the publishers' dashboards prior to March 1st 2019 will be paid out while the later will be refunded to advertisers.

What to do as a Chitika publisher?

All Chitika publishers should remove all Chitika ad codes from their websites and blogs on or before April 30th 2019. After the period, all ad codes will cease to function and calls to Chitika ad services will cease operation.

Publishers with outstanding balances should make sure they meet the payment requirements (Payoneer and Tax Forms) and then login to their dashboard to cancel their accounts. For publishers to receive their earnings, it must be greater than $10.00. Chitika will be issuing out their final payments on April 30th 2019. 

To find out more information, you may contact Chitika using this form or visit their official website, chitika.com.
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