5 Amazing Ways To Explore Like A Local On Your Island Holiday

5 Amazing Ways To Explore Like A Local On Your Island Holiday
Going on an island adventure is on many people’s bucket list.
There is something truly enchanting about exploring the deep, azure blue of the Indian ocean and seeing unique animals such as giant tortoises and the Hawksbill turtle up close and personal. And while these activities are all well and good, you can also look out for more unique activities that the locals enjoy in order to experience the full charm of the island. 

You should do some research on island activities in the Seychelles and surrounds for more information. For example, looking up “best local restaurants on Praslin Island” will show you where the locals enjoy eating, allowing you to experience life outside of the tourist attraction trap. So, if you want to explore like a local on your island holiday, keep reading for some top tips. 

- Tantalise your tastebuds

There is nothing better to fully experience a culture than trying out the different foods and drinks on offer, and this is especially true of an island holiday. For example, if you are venturing to the Seychelles islands, you should look out for dishes such as salted fish, coconut curry, and breadfruit. 

Trying out foods that locals eat, rather than those offered in touristy restaurants, will allow you to have a truly unique experience and tap into the culture of the place. However, you will need to be certain of the ingredients so that you do not have any reactions. You can do some online research about the best places to eat or ask at your hotel about where they suggest going. 

- Dress to impress

One of the ways that tourists usually stand out the most is by dressing in outfits that go against the grain of the island culture. While you might think that dressing in a beach attire all day is fine because you will be on the sand and in the sea, it might not be suitable for every situation on the island. 

The culture of the island might be more modest than what you first expected, so be sure to do some research into what to wear. Bright colours might not be as popular with locals, so you would need to adopt a more subdued outfit palette. Knowing how to dress in certain situations, such as if you are out at a restaurant or public pool, will show your respect for the people and make it easier to interact with locals. 

- Learn the customs

While you might not be staying at your island paradise holiday dwelling for a long period of time, it is important to learn some of the local customs of the area. You might find out that there are celebrations taking place during your stay that celebrate a traditional belief that outsiders are unable to partake in.

Or you might be invited to an event that is different from what you experience at home. You will need to go in with an open mind and without any expectations as to what will happen. It might be quite surprising or might be something completely different from what you expected. Learning about the customs will not only show your willingness to learn but will help you to understand how the island operates and what people believe in. 

- Go off the beaten track

There is no shame in following the crowds and experiencing what all tourists experience, but you can also go off the beaten track in order to enjoy your island getaway. For example, instead of spending hours simply sitting on the beach and tanning, you could hire a kayak and travel out into the ocean to explore. 

You can speak to locals about what they do for fun over the weekends and keep an eye out for these activities. You might find that the local activities are more enjoyable (and affordable) than those provided by tours and group packages. Taking part in unique and different activities will help to provide you with exciting memories of your island holiday. Look out for signs for markets and festivals as these will allow you to immerse yourself in the local culture. 

- Brush up on common phrases

Learning the local language, even if it is just a few phrases, can help you immensely in getting around. You should learn common phrases like the below to easily manoeuvre the town and public transport options:

• “Hello, how are you?”
• Can you help me?
• Where is the bus station/train station/airport?

You will also be showing local people that you respect their culture and are willing to speak their language, even if you are only there for a week or two. And you might find that while buying souvenirs, the vendor will give you a better deal because you are able to speak their language.

It will also help you to ask for directions if you are lost or point a driver in the direction you would like to go for your next adventure. 
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