5 Beautiful African Artworks You Should Consider Putting In Your House

5 Beautiful African Artworks You Should Consider Putting In Your House
If you are looking for unique and vibrant décor ideas for your living spaces, why not try one of the many expressive African designs?
African wall art, carved wooden furniture, masks, and paintings will definitely contemporize your home. And the good thing is that they are all unusual so your home will be the envy of all your neighbors and visitors.

Most African paintings are inspired by the beautiful wild animals that define Africa. I’m talking animals such as zebras, cheetahs, giraffes, leopards, and other animals with strikingly beautiful color patterns or stripes.
If your budget allows, you can even try the many decorations that are made from faux animal skin, e.g. lion, crocodile, python, among others.

Africa is known for its rich culture and admirable traditions, and this has really helped its creativity when it comes to decorations. A long time ago, African kings and the wealthy have used animal fur, leather textiles, and handmade carvings to accentuate their lavish homes and lifestyles since time immemorial.

However, nowadays, there are many beautiful African art pieces that have the resemblance of the animal fur, but in fact, are made with faux products. These imitations are very identical that make you enjoy every inch of its beauty.  
In this post, we look at some of the African decoration ideas worth considering for your modern house.

1. African decor colors

African-themed arts are mostly in shades of Yellow and Brown, although orange and red are also quite popular. Any of these colors combined with the black color results to some of the best décor colors you will ever see.
They will make your interior look brighter than it actually is and due to the contrasting colors, the décor becomes impressively complex. If you love art, then you can always acquire an African wall art and hang it in your living room for an exotic décor makeover.

2. Ethnic interior decorating

Give your house an exclusive look with African wooden furniture. You can start with your bedroom and install a circular African bed and have African-themed bed covers and sheets. Remember to paint the bedroom walls with the African colors we mentioned in order to give it some legitimacy.
The chairs and the dining tables will look stunningly beautiful if you can match their colors with that of the cushions. You can also tune things up with a faux leopard skin on the wall or make your curtains match with, say, a wall art hanging in the room.

3. African kitchen

Africanize your kitchen with African utensils, handmade sculptures, and vases. Forget those plastic, glass, or metallic utensils and acquire a wooden cooking stick, wooden bowls, and other curved wooden dishes. If you love wine, you can get some faux bull or buffalo horns and be using them as your wine glasses.
These horns have been used by African elders to drink traditional liquor for thousands of years. And as a matter of fact, they will serve both as glasses and wall decorations when needed to. They are very versatile.

4. Masks

Masks elaborate the walls and make your home look stylish. Evidently, Europe and Western art, in general, has greatly been influenced by this jaw-dropping beauty in the recent past. Most of them are made from, copper, ivory, terracotta, wood, bronze, raffia, textiles, brass, and glazed pottery. 

That makes them durable and gives them a more expensive look than they actually are. And because today artists have figured ways of making the masks look contemporary, you will find masks with more sophisticated decorations such as cowrie shells, faux animal skin, colored beads, and bone, just to mention but a few.

5. African statues

African statues will bring a sense of moral, spiritual, and social direction in your household. They represent everything good in society; talk of love, power, and fertility. And the good thing is that nearly all African statues are made back in Africa by talented African artists.

Installing water bearer wood carving in your patio will give it a unique and contemporary appearance. In the same breath, a carving of a popular western Africa king will give you a sense of power: Just the right optimism that you need to keep you going in this tough life.
There are also statues of men and women that emphasize the importance of family. Such a carving will be renewing your love life every time you and your partner look at it.
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