How To Reactivate A Banned Or Suspended WhatsApp Account

How To Reactivate A Banned Or Suspended WhatsApp Account
A few days ago, some of the users of popular Facebook owned chat platform, WhatsApp started experiencing some difficulties accessing their accounts as a result of the ban that was placed on them.
These bans came as a result of WhatsApp feeling like you were defaulting one or more of their policies, and some got an hour ban, some two and some up to three days.
Some of the reasons why some people accounts were banned include but not limited to:
• Usage of an unofficial WhatsApp application such as WhatsApp Plus, GbWhatsApp, OGWhatsapp, etc
• You might have sent so many messages to people who do not have your WhatsApp number saved
• Many WhatsApp users might have blocked you in a short period of time. This will give the WhatsApp bots an impression that you are really 'annoying'
• Spamming of groups and personal inboxes with the same messages
• Sending of offensive messages like links, adult stuff, hate posts and so on to other users
• Defaulting of other WhatsApp policies as on their official website.

When any of these have happened, you'd be getting a feedback like this from WhatsApp;
“Your phone number 1234567890 is temporarily banned from WhatsApp. Contact Support “.
Well, don't panic yet! There's always a solution to every problem you know? 

What To Do When Your WhatsApp Is Banned Or Suspended

When you get this kind of feedback on trying to log in, you have to first check for the policies that you might have broken. 
Some simpler issues, like usage of an unofficial WhatsApp app could be resolved by simply uninstalling the previous app and downloading their main one. 
After doing this, sign in to your own account and continue.

If you suspect you were banned for spamming or something else, that is you didn't use an unofficial app, it would probably be a suspension. Wait for around 48 hours and it should be opened.
If they didn't, politely email them via [email protected], I'm sure they'd help you out.
Subsequently, you can contact them via Twitter. Just @mention them and they'd be at reach. I have tried this with a few other companies, though not WhatsApp or Facebook and it worked!

What if it doesn't work? I think it might be a permanent ban. You can create a new WhatsApp and continue with that. Afterall that's not everything about life!
Build your contacts again, and move on with the fun on your stories but don't forget to be more careful...haha!
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