7+ Gears You Must Consider Buying When Preparing For A Race

7+ Gears You Must Consider Buying When Preparing For A Race
Preparing for a cycling race could be difficult if you are a first timer and quite easy if you are already a pro.

Apart from having to eat a balanced diet, there is a lot that goes into preparing for a cycling race. 

When preparing for your race you have to consider how much preparation you must do prior to your race and which cycling gear to buy. Be sure that you are well prepared for the route beforehand. 
Race organizers often share the race mapping in advance so that cyclists can familiarize themselves with the route.  Ensure that you practice the route for at least two months before the race. This will ensure that you know it well enough and whether it has a hilly track or rough terrain. 

- Learn to cycle within a group 

If you are new to cycling, you will need to learn how to cycle in a group. This might seem as insignificant but many people struggle with this. Cycling alone is not the same as cycling in a crowded race. 

It might be a bit overwhelming to cycle in a group with people coming from behind you and in front of you, and still, be able to manoeuvre yourself till the end of the race. Thus, practising with a group in advance is ideal. You could join some cyclists on practice days, as this will ease you into cycling with hundreds of people. 

- Cycling equipment to purchase

Proper cycling equipment is by far the most important aspect of preparing for your race. Unlike running or jogging, cycling requires much more than a good pair of running shoes and a tracker. 

This might seem a bit obvious but in cycling, the most important equipment to have is a bicycle. If you do not have one you can buy one at your nearest bike store. Another thing that is required is proper cycling gear. The clothing that you wear when cycling is designed to protect you from harsh weather and allows you to achieve optimum performance when cycling.

- Clothing gear 

The day before the race you should be well prepared and have all the clothing necessities needed for the race. Check the weather forecast well in advance to pack the most appropriate clothing items. For example, if you realise that there will be light showers on the day of the race, you will need a light, quick-drying rain jacket.  

Below is a list of all the clothing items you should buy when preparing for your cycling race: 
• Gloves 
• Cycling shoes 
• Socks
• Helmet 
• Cycling jersey
• Sunscreen
• Racing Licence 
• Bib shorts 
• Water bottle
• Lights 

- Prep your bike 

When participating in a cycling race, your bike is your most important piece of equipment. Be sure to check your bike or have your bike checked by a professional to ensure that you don’t get any nasty surprises on the day of the race. 

Check that your brakes, shifting, and chains are functioning well. Be sure that your bicycle equipment is well lubricated. Make sure that you check your tyres for any patches. Replace anything that is worn out as this might give you some problems when racing. 

To be on the safe side, you may pack a small bicycle repair kit and bring it along. The repair kit should contain a tire lever, inflator, and two bicycle tubes for each tyre. This will not only help you but maybe a cycling friend in need. 

- Snacks 

It’s paramount to have a well-balanced meal the morning of your race. The aim is to have a meal that is high in carbs and low in fat. A good on the go snack that will not cause any nausea include dried fruits and energy bars. 

Another great snack on the go is a banana. It has all the nutritious carbohydrates that provide an advantage for your muscles. Keep hydrated and drink loads of water and energy drinks that will keep you hydrated throughout your race. Another preferred option is drinking a sachet of Rehydrate. 

- Tips 

On the day of the race, arrive early to give yourself enough time to warm-up before the race starts. Leaving the house early will ensure that you have enough time to find the location on time and even if you do get lost, you still have some time to find the location of the race. 

Remember to check if your bike needs to be lubricated. Make sure that you lubricate where all the metals meet. The most important places to lubricate are the chains, suspension forks, wheel hubs and seat post. 

Check the pressure of your tyre and the bicycle one last time. Find the registration area and register when you arrive, do not leave this for the last minute as you will be avoiding a queue. Get a good positioning as this will help you get a good start. 
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