5 Things You Must Consider Packing When Preparing For A Long Flight

5 Things You Must Consider Packing When Preparing For A Long Flight
Flying to your holiday destination can be an exciting and thrilling time.
After all, you will be jetting off to a unique and beautiful destination to relax and unwind. But sometimes, domestic and international flights can be tedious and long. You will need to entertain yourself for the duration of the flight which can be difficult for some. 

If you are going to book flights online you can see how long the flight is and can plan your packing accordingly. Your hand luggage can hold games, books and other items that can help to make any flight more bearable. So, before you go ahead and book flights to your next adventure, keep reading below for what you should pack to keep busy on a long flight. 

- Change it up with colouring books

Colouring in might sound like an activity for children, but there is a new craze that has become popular and that is colouring books for adults. These books provide highly detailed images for people to colour in, such as mandalas based off of traditional designs as well as intricate images of animals and plants. 

You might even find some travel inspiration for activities in the stunning pages of one of these colouring books. Be sure to bring along plenty of pencils, crayons, or markers for the journey and choose a book with a large number of pages to colour in to keep you occupied for hours. However, if you experience motion sickness, colouring pages might not be the best option to allay this feeling. You should opt for sleeping or resting rather than colouring in on the plane. 

- Kill time with a good book

While you might want to spend the majority of your flight looking out of the windows at the scenery, you will need something to do when there is nothing but clouds to look at. And there is nothing better than relaxing on a long flight than a good book which offers an entertaining story line. 

You could opt to read the guidebook for the destination you are going to, or you could bring along the latest novel by your favourite author. Having a good book to read will allow you to while away the time without becoming bored or restless. Be sure that you pack your book in an easy-to-reach place in your hand luggage, as it can be disruptive for other passengers if you need to look for a book at the bottom of your bag. 

- Plan out your trip with a travel guide

Yes, you booked the flights and the hotels, but many people forget to have a solid plan and itinerary in place for their trip. If you have a long flight ahead of you, you can spend this time looking over either a digital or printed guide book of your destination in order to plan out your holiday easily. 

You could create a list of activities that you would like to take part in, such as diving, hiking, rock climbing, or walking around the local markets. Also keep an eye out for any festivals that will be taking place while you are there, as this will allow you to experience the culture in a unique way. Guide books can also provide information on the best places to eat out as well as where to go in case of emergencies, making for a stress-free vacation. 

- Keep it simple with a deck of cards

If you will be flying with your partner or children, then playing a game of cards can help to easily pass the time. You should pack at least two decks so that your whole family can play, especially if they want to play different games. 

A pack of cards is small enough to simply slip into your hand luggage, or can even be put into your pocket for easy access. A deck of cards can be useful to have with you, especially if you have young children on the flight with you. You could also bring along an Uno pack for you and the passenger next to you to play, but be sure not to become too raucous and competitive as this could disturb the other passengers. 

- Enjoy the experience

A long flight might not sound like the most entertaining prospect ever, but it can provide you with many special memories, especially if it if your first adventure. You can spend time colouring in beautiful illustrations, or you could read a brand new novel on the way to your island getaway. 

You could bring along a deck of cards to play some fun and entertaining games with your family if you are travelling together, or you could play Solitaire if you are travelling alone. The hours allow you to plan out your itinerary completely and arrive rested and stress-free for your adventure. 

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