10 Dos and Donts You Must Follow when Dealing With Red Wine Stains

10 Dos and Donts You Must Follow when Dealing With Red Wine Stains
You might be one of many people who are having a hard time figuring out how to deal with wine stains.
You might have asked yourself like: “What do I need to do? What did I do?” and many more.  Worry no more, here is a list of answers for your questions. 

1. Do not scrub the stain

Like washing clothes, scrubbing can get rid off some stain. However, it will just worsen the situation as the stain will spread outward even more. What is more, applying too much pressure will result in pushing more stain into the fabric, especially when dealing with stains on the carpet or couch. 

2. Act Quickly

Do not let the next day to take care of your stain. The longer it is there, the deeper the stain will settle and sink in the fibers of a cloth. Mind that red wine is a dye to be born. It is hard to remove the stain if it will stay longer. 

3. Keep the Stain Away From Dry Heat

Do not let the stain to dry. More importantly, do not let it try dry with heat. Heat would change the chemical process that stains usually undergo and eventually make the stain permanent on the cloth. Do not place stained clothes on the dryer before applying any pre-wash cleaning techniques. 

4. Apply Powdery Material

Take this scenario. You got a nice splash of Domaine Jean Foillard Morgon Cote de Py on your carpet. You were calm and did not scrub the stain away like a mad person. What to do? Grab any dry powdered stuff that could lift the wine out. 

Go to the kitchen and look for powders like table salt, baking soda, granulated form of hydrogen peroxide or sodium percarbonate or dry soap powder. If cannot see any of these, search for talcum powder that is used for baby powder. If none, your last resort would be kitty litter. 

Among all, salt is the best choice. Again, go back to number one. Do not rub the dry material on the stain. Settle the powder on the stain for a few minutes. If you could react fast, the stain would be removed completely. 

5. Do Not Apply White Wine on a Red Wine Stain

White wine is not a cleaning solution. Also, white wine cannot counteract on the dyeing agent found in red wines. Wherever you heard this crazy rumor, do not follow. Like any other liquids, applying white wines on red wine stain would just spread the stain even further. 

6. Apply Hot Water

Do not be confused. Dry heat like that from drying machines or hair dryers is far different from wet heat like boiling water. Hot water is an excellent substance that can be partnered with any cleaning agents. It does not automatically remove a stain, but it helps to make things easier. 

As a liquid, boiled water dilute and spread out a stain a little bit; however, it could case molecules in the wine to lose from the fabric. This would make the stain to be easily removed and cleaned.   

7. Pour Some Milk

Not only it could make a fabric quality better, but milk has an exceptional absorption quality, as well. Pour milk on the stain and let it sit for some time. Then,  blot it up with either dry rag or sponge. 

8. Mix Club Soda and White Vinegar

A mixture of club soda and white vinegar is better than using water when removing stains. Soda helps breaks and absorbs red wine molecules, helping you to easily blot up more. The result would be better if you use both soda and white vinegar. 

9. Use Oxi Cleaners

Oxi cleaners utilize sodium percarbonate, one of the powdery materials mentioned in number four. When mixed with water, this substance would turn into hydrogen peroxide, which is best known as stain remover. Apply oxi cleaners on the stain. After 20 minutes, blot the stain away. 

10. Wash Stain with Dishwashing Liquid and Hydrogen Peroxide

If the party is done and you are already at home and free, dishwashing liquid and hydrogen peroxide may serve as stain remover. The mixture could be as effective as oxi cleaners. 

Mix hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing liquid with a 3:1 ratio. Apply the mixture on the stain. Let is stay for 20 minutes to one hour. If you notice that the stain is gradually gone, blot clean it before washing out the mixture. 


Stains are the result of liking red wines. If you get tired trying all of those methods mentioned and none of them are giving good results, you might either start to be very careful next time or consider starting to be into wine whites instead from now on. 
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