Strong Girl Pre-Workout Supplement - Is it Worth a Try?

Most of the supplements and diet pill reviews are for males. There’s only a couple of them for the fairer sex, and one of them is called Strong Girl Pre- Workout.
It’s a pre-workout supplement made and marketed for women. 
Not anyone can use it because it’s made to function with a woman’s body. It helps them achieve the best workout she can all the time, no matter how tough it can be. 

Strong Girl Pre Workout Ingredients

Many of these ingredients are in other pre-workout supplements for both genders. And many of the supplements are in the proprietary blend, so the exact quantity of each combination isn’t known.
Here are the ingredients found in this product:


It’s an amino acid that helps in adrenal function, helping you with energy and focus. It helps in Hydration during a tough workout and increases the burning of fat during cardio. You’ll find most of it in energy drinks.

• Beta Alanine

It provides a longer endurance. As you work out, lactic acid forms in your muscles. It comes to a point where you feel you can’t handle it anymore, and that’s lactic acid. This ingredient hinders lactic acid from forming a buildup in your muscles. Beta Alanine will help you push on without fatigue. 

• Green Tea Extract

Green tea gives you natural caffeine and has antioxidant properties that support almost all the body functions.

• L Carnitine and Tartrate 

It improves performance by increasing power and reducing fatigue. Additionally, it raises the androgen receptors that directly contribute to muscle growth. There’ll be an increase in the blood flow and better delivery of oxygen to the muscles.

• Caffeine

Aids by increasing attention and mental focus. During intense training, it improves mood and the central nervous system. Also, it helps in weight loss because it’s thermogenic. 


Before you work out, it provides natural energy and best recovery after a workout. Its anti-inflammatory, ant-histamine, and antioxidant propertiesare excellent for any supplement. 

• Choline Bitartrate

It’s a fat burning supplement that promotes lean gains when building muscles. It helps in maintaining your energy all through your whole workout. 

• Japanese Raising Tree Extract

Improves your sprint time while maintaining proper hydration levels.

• Rhodiola Extract 

It’s an adaptogen. It helps the body to acclimatize to stressful conditions. It aids in energy production and improves focus. 

• L-Theanine

It’s an amino acid that mitigates the side effects of caffeine, resulting in a calming effect. 

How to Use Strong Girl Pre Workout

Before using it, asses your tolerance first. Take a lowered dose for your body to acclimatize itself with the stimulants and ingredients. This will ensure you get the benefits of the full dosage. 
Mix 2 scoops of the powder to 6 to 12 ounces of water. Drink it 30 to 45 minutes before workout.
You’ll find it available in female-friendly flavors like Strawberry Mojito and Cosmopolitan Fruit Punch. However, take caution against drinking more than two scoops within 24 hours.


Strong Girl Pre Workout is an excellent supplement targeting women. However, judging from the ingredients, there’s nothing that makes it favorable to women. The truth is most pre-workouts work for all genders. 
The only challenge is finding one that suits you. Try Strong Girl Pre Workout supplement for an energy boost and an even sweeter taste. 
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