How To Make Money Online In Nigeria As A Student

How To Make Money Online In Nigeria As A Student
It is not so easy to make money as a student in Nigeria, especially owning to the fact that there are no part-time jobs for you.
Take for instance, Owerri where I base and studied in, the only available jobs are in the hotel. There are no factories and even if there were any, working in them would drastically bring down your grades which is not something everyone prays for.
Thus, we have to start internet based businesses. With the internet, you'd be making your own money day in, day out without stressing to leave the comfort of your bedroom.
Isn't that 'dope'? Well, today we'd be talking about the 7 easiest internet businesses you can do as a Nigerian student

7 Easiest Ways To Make Money Online As A Student In Nigeria

There are so many ways to make money online in Nigeria, and you can see about 29 of them here
Many of the methods, especially those that have to do with foreign clients need a PayPal account for cashing out, and we taught about how to use PayPal effectively in Nigeria here
After getting the PayPal funds, you can chose whether to sell it or withdraw it directly to your Nigerian account.
Selling it will make you lose more money, and you can easily get scammed. If you want to start withdrawing your funds directly to your Nigerian account, please visit this page.

Now what are they easiest ways to make money online as a Nigerian student? They are all so different and plentyyy...
Some require that you sell, some you just need to refer people and some you need to write and generate traffic but best of all, THEY ALL PAY!
We'd see them now:

- Blogging

Blogging is one of my most interesting ways of making money online. All you need to do is write and generate traffic, then monetize it.
We published an eBook, 'The Successful Blogger' for people who want to start making money from this. If you need a copy, it is very affordable, it's even cheaper than two bottles of Sprite...Lol! Go and get your own copy HERE now before we take it back to the normal price.
Making money online as a blogger isn't one of the most difficult things you do. You need to master a few things, especially talking about getting traffic and monetizing your site.
You also need to create a very professional blog, because the whole thing is now very competitive. 

We help people create professional blogs for ₦19,999 on this page, but for people who read this post, we'd be doing that for only ₦17,000 and then give you a free copy of the ebook I spoke about earlier.
Well, this promo is also for a limited time because of our resources. We are giving it to only 7 lucky people and after that, the price is back to ₦19,999 and no ebook!
₦17,000 is something anyone can stand up to spend, and it still can change your life. Would you hire a pro or do it yourself? The ball is in your courts! Click here to contact us for your own blog now.

- Internet Marketing

You might have seen fellow students posting about their bags, shoes, wrist watches, phones and so on for sale on your Facebook, Instagram or even WhatsApp walls/stories.
Well, they are simply doing what we call INTERNET MARKETING!
Now let me tell you a little secret you don't know. Nigeria has a population of more than 150 million people. Out of this 150 million, let's assume 40 million use the internet, then 40 million people are your potential customers.
If you can sell to just 2000 of these a month at the gain of ₦1000 per product, you would be making ₦2,000,000 a month.
Assuming you do free delivery, you'd have to 'add the cost' to the initial price, which means that you are not cutting your gains a bit...Lol, that's plain wisdom!

Talking about how to get clients, you can get from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or even your WhatsApp story. My WhatsApp stories get on average 150 views, but when I promoted some shoes I remember getting more than 20 requests, but these were mainly my classmates and colleagues and selling to them along won't take me far.
This is also another reason why you need a website!

Some of the advantages of using one for your ecommerce include
• It is far cheaper than a shop, and yet has more potentials. You can set up a website with ₦20,000 and then you pay as low as ₦7,000 annually to maintain it. The internet is really an oil mill!
• Websites build more trust, because scammers don't usually have the time to build one
• People take websites more seriously, they believe they are big shops existing somewhere and so value it more than Facebook posts and others
• With a website, you get access to 'free sales', because the search engines would also be helping you get clients
• You will also be able to explain your business(es) better with a website, this is something you can't do with a social media post
• A website is also a landing page, and you can automate all the processes from selling of the products to replying customers, while you focus on doing other things you want to!

This is the real making money online while you sleep! Well, you can set up your own website today or hire us to do that for you.
Happily, we're in a good mood today and have ₦3,000 discount for everyone who read this post. This discount is for only 7 people, and after that, you pay the normal ₦20,000 (others charge ₦35,000+ to do this).
Would you work with us or do it yourself? The choice is yours. You can contact us today to start working on your site. Remember, there's discount for the early birds!

- Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, you generate traffic to people's products and earn commissions for any sales generated.
It is very lucrative and as you do not have your own products, do not suffer any losses. 
All you need to do is talk about a particular product or service which you have used and earn commissions when people purchase them.

- Freelance Writing

You're a student and I'm pretty sure you can write already. I won't stretch this as much as the first two above. Freelance writing is all about writing and getting paid.
There are hundreds of clients out there who are willing to pay you to write, especially if you are good in it.
You can make $5 for each 600 words article you write, and if you're fast enough to write 5 a day, you made $25. Convert it to Naira and see how much you made.
Aside that, there are also some websites that pay you as much $100 per article approved (I'm very sure of one).
If you want to know more about freelance writing, you can see them HERE!

- Selling Of Photos Online

You can actually make money online selling your photos or didn't you know...huh? Some websites like Shutterstock though a bit competitive, actually make that possible.
You can take photos of anything, houses,cars, landscape, bags and even yourself then sell online.
Once they are purchased, you earn your own commissions and they pay out when you reach a particular payout depending on who's selling for you.

- Creating PayPal Accounts For People

This is something so many people do not know that it is a hot cake. Every internet marketer needs a PayPal account, and it is not currently open for use by Nigerians.
If you can create one, you can be making as much as ₦5,000 per account you set up.
I get so many orders weekly and I use less than 15 minutes to set up one. Aside doing that for people, I also create my own accounts...Yea! Since I can do it, I do not pay people again.
If you want to learn how to create PayPal accounts yourself, please visit this page.

- Software Review

This is also another very lucrative way of making money online. On a good week, I could make around $100 doing this and it's only a side hustle.
You can earn from $10 to $25 for each approved software review, and if you can get 10 approved, you have made from $100 to $250.
Well, it is free to join and all you need is a [read more].

That's not all, but we can take it from here. There are so many things you can do online today to fetch you some bucks!
Stop wasting your time chatting if it wouldn't feed you and pay your bills in the next five years. Tell yourself where you want to be and work towards it  so when you look back, you smile and tell yourself yea, I made it.
These things aren't only for students. Anyone can do them even if you have a job already.
What do you think?  Kindly drop us a comment and share to your friends!
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