10 Amazing Reasons You Must Own A Website For Your Business Today

Amazing Reasons You Must Own A Website For Your Business Today
We all own businesses, or at least are hoping to own one in the nearest future. Have you ever sat down to consider getting a website for your business? A great model of a company’s website to follow is I AM Builders, a company that offers outsource estimating servicesI know you might be thinking that you need that hell of a money to start up a website, let's say ₦200,000+, but no, gone are those days. We'd talk about that later in the article.

Now look at this. You own a small shop, or averagely sizable shop in one of Nigeria's hottest towns, let's say Owerri (this is where I base). You sell cloths, shoes, necklaces and other fashion items there, and you know that you aren't the only one there selling the stuff, so no matter how good your products, you just can't gather all the customers.
At the end of everything, you might be selling 50 products on a very good day, that's pretty okay for a small business. You are satisfied!

Another person is in your position. She also runs a small business, selling fashion products and so on. She owns a website and her business is well represented online. She uses ₦10,000 to run Facebook ads to people in Owerri, maybe target 40,000 in the 5 Eastern Nigeria states.
It's not like she cannot take it beyond, but she just has to do it this way maybe because she has friends those places who can deliver and collect her money.
With a good landing page, at least 2,000 out of the 40,000 estimated Facebook users will purchase the item, provided you have a good landing page and product description. Imagine selling a particular item to 2,000 people, you sure have made yourself a lot of money...!
Yea, that is the power of internet marketing!

In this article today, we want to discuss amazing reasons why you must take your business online today.
There's no limit to what you can do online, and taking it there doesn't cost a milli. It just needs you to be interested in as you go on, you will get access to a good number of other opportunities.

Reasons You Must Own A Website For Your Business

There are so many reasons why you need to own a website for your business, no matter how big or small. They all center around maximizing your profit, because that is just why we all are doing one or two things.

Except you aren't interested in increasing your revenue, you will need to take that step that'd take your business online.
Some other major reasons include:

- Packaging

Packaging! Before you continue, can you close your eyes and maybe say what you know about the word? Well, what are the differences between ShopRite and that market close to your house?
You can get your provisions at almost the same prices, and at times they might even be more expensive in ShopRite.
There are a good number of stores close to my house here in Owerri, but I still leave my area, drive a bit long (maybe 20 minutes driving) just to go and shop where the A-class in the town shop.

The only differences between the two examples I spoke about is their packaging. ShopRite to the layman is a big shopping mall, and their yellow bag, which may not even cost up to ₦2 (it was mass-produced) would make your products look like they cost a fortune.
I just go the the mall to make my own purchases, eat and take photos. That is the power of packaging!
Now let's bring it home. Imagine having a boutique in the middle of Onitsha Main Market. You would need a lot of referrals to get people to your shop. There are more than 100 people selling exactly the same ware with yours and competition is very high.
If you now own a website, and you spend just ₦2,000 to advertise to 7,000 people who are basing in Onitsha, how many do you think would come to find you?
Even your neighbors would think you now use juju...Lol!

- Unlimited Market

If you own a shop in Owerri, who would you be able to sale to? People in Lagos?? No...you can only sell to people in Owerri, or at least others who visit.
If you want to succeed in any business in this computer age, you MUST take it online. I have this female friend who is into cake making.
We have known for close to 3 years now and I was happy when she told me that she had started making cakes. However, she wasn't getting clients because of competition.
Most people would rather patronize big fast foods than a single lady who just makes her own cakes in her shop. When she complained to me, you know what I told her, TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE!

It was like a joke, but she did, I helped her set up a website and a Facebook page. I used her iPhone to take good photos of her and her cakes and we used it to run Facebook ads and you know what?
She got three clients in two days. She only spent around ₦470 on ads and it got three conversions.
The internet is really a blessing to those who use it effectively.

- It is quite cheaper

Go to any market close to you and price a shop for a month, then check the cost of maintaining a site for a month.
Some hosting plans are as cheap as ₦170 per month, depending on your need. If you need a store, you shouldn't be budgeting anything less than ₦2,000 a month, that is if it were to be in a non-competitive location where you'd not even be sure of making good sales.
You can sell more online, yet the 'shop' is cheaper.

- You can work from anywhere

Where is Konga located? I know you don't even ever bother to know. All you care about is that you get your products delivered to your house.
It's the same with any other wares you sell online. No one cares to know how the kitchen where you make the cakes are, or where your boutique is, they just want to make sure they get what they paid for.

- Time isn't a barrier

Most major markets in the country close on Sundays and public holidays, making people to stay at home and probably surf the net.
Do you ever get to close your website? No...of course you are available 24 hours of the day. I sell my stuff online even by 1 o'clock in the night.
In fact, yesterday I was already fast asleep when someone called me, he wanted to purchase something from me.
When you are selling online, you get to know that time isn't a limit, and even the Sundays and other holidays when markets close turn out to be your own hot days.

- You can sell to anyone, anywhere there's internet access

All internet users are potential clients. I have sold my ebooks to people in the United States, Canada, India, Ghana and so many other countries where I have never been to.
All I did was to collect their money and deliver to them. Most of them pay via PayPal, which Nigerians aren't currently allowed to use but thanks to our stars, I comfortably use it now.

If you want to start receiving your earnings via PayPal in Nigeria, you can read this article.
Now if you sell offline products like cloths, hairs and so on, you might have issues with people trusting you. In that case, start a payment on delivery plan.
Get a friend who stays in the location and they would help you deliver the item and then collect the money. I have done it for a good number of my friends who want to deliver items to Owerri and it has always been working very fine.

- Website traffic becomes money for you

You can share your links to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social media platforms you use and get people to visit the site.
You can then put ad networks on the site, so that even if people who came to purchase the products don't end up buying, you will still earn from their traffic.
This will give you the confidence to push the website more and the more the visitors, the more the conversions.

- You can access other ways of making money from the site

Assuming you sell female hand bags, you can also refer people to other shops online to go and get what you don't presently have. It is called affiliate marketing.
You will earn commissions whenever successful purchases are made.
If you want to know more about that, you can read this article.

- Owning a website gives you the opportunity to retain your clients

Once someone purchases an item from you, you will get access to their emails and phone numbers. This is something that you cannot get from the a normal shop where people just purchase and leave. With the emails and phone numbers, you can always inform them of new products and since they have purchased before, they'd most likely purchase again.

How Can You Get A Website For Your Business

You need to get a site with the name of your business to stand out. If the .com tld has been taken, you can go for the .com.ng or even .ng.
Some of the things you need to be able to set up a site include:
- Website hosting
- Domain name

After purchasing these two, you will now get access to:
- a custom email (ie contact[at]infoguideafrica.com instead of infoguideafrica[at]gmail.com).
- website statistics, you can be able to track the number of visitors you have to improve effectiveness and a good number of other things
- link shortener, so you can be able to shorten and track links for individual campaigns

That's all! You can now write and promote your articles.
What's more? All these things and more might be a bit stressful for a business person like you, or you might not even know how to set up the site.

We are setting up websites for people now at only ₦30,000 ₦20,000.
Some of the things we would handle for you include:
- Website hosting for a year
- Domain name
- Premium ecommerce template
- Custom email
- SSL 
- SEO and many others.

Delivery is maximum 3 days and we can also manage the website for you if you are interested in that. By managing, we will take care of your social media handles, website and general online presence so you can concentrate on running your business.
For more information, kindly contact us or call/ text/ WhatsApp +2349072979302 or +2348157449397.

Thanks for reading along. Don't forget to share and drop us your comments while we are waiting for your calls.
The internet is the new gold mine, you have to queue in today!
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