10 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

10 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners
Have you been searching for the best affiliate programs to make money, then relax we have a lot of affiliate programs that pay daily.
Some even pay up to $65 per purchase, great right? The affiliate programs listed are the best affiliate programs for bloggers all over the world and you can join them depending on your region. Some require that you come from a particular country (or at least get good traffic from the country) while some don't.
We have earlier discussed about affiliating marketing so I believe you should be familiar with the term already. However,if the opposite is the case,you can also refer to this post, 'How To Make Money From Affiliate Marketing' to learn more about different things you need to know about affiliate marketing including 'how to' and 'where to' generate sales.
It's true the affiliate networks listed are the top paying affiliate programs, but you still need have good traffic in order to be able to earn good money from them. Unless otherwise stated, everyone is eligible to join any of the programs I'll be listing below irrespective of your country.
There are a lot of high ticket affiliate programs you can participate in.
You can be from Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, or even the United States or Canada, they are just the best for you and will help you generate good commissions.
The only issue you might encounter is how to get a PayPal account because some of the programs require it, but that's not an issue. You can contact me to create one for you at an affordable rate.
So over to the main topic, what are the best affiliate programs for bloggers?

Best Affiliate Programs To Make Money

- Amazon Associates

This is the most popular affiliate program in the world and it's owned by Amazon.com, Inc. There are millions of products to choose from. many bloggers earn up to $1,000 monthly from this platform and you too can. However, you need to be getting good traffic from the developed countries like United States and United Kingdom if you'd really want to make good sales. Approval to this ad network is instantly however you need to generate a sale before six months of getting approved unless your account will be closed down.
Payment cash be received via Payoneer.
Url: Amazon.com

- Payoneer

This is a kind of program that rewards both the referrer and the referral. They pay their new users $25 once they perform a transaction of up to $1,000 and also give another $25 to those that referred them. How it works is that if you sign-up with my link, the both of us will get $25 each when you receive $1,000.
Also, just visiting the official website to create an account won't earn you any commissions, so you can claim your own $25 now.
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- BlueHost

This is a top hosting website and they pay $65 to their affiliates for each referral. That is,if someone purchases a domain or hosting space with your link, you earn $65 no matter how much the person spends. Isn't it amazing? 
According to reports, in 2015 alone, Bluehost paid over $5 million to its affiliates and you can be one of them.
But they also have laws and you should keep to them. One of the rules is that the all affiliate websites and emails or collateral that provide an endorsement Bluehost's Products and Services must prominently disclose the fact that they receive compensation for referring customers. 
Payout is by Paypal and bank Wire Transfer (if you make upto $65,000).
Url: Bluehost.com

- iTunes

What if you have a music downloading website,then iTunes is a perfect platform for promoting the music audios and videos (including albums)without infringing on the artists' copyright. As an iTunes affiliate, you will be earning commissions on the revenues generated by encoded links. Apart from the music, you can also promote products from App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, and the Mac App Store.
All countries are eligible to join but each account must be approved. The payment method is by bank account and you will have to fill in your bank information including SWIFT/BIC code. The minimum payout is $5 USD and the maximum payout is $500 USD.
Url: Apple.com
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- Konga

This is one of the biggest online shops in Africa and it recently merged with Yudala. You can join the affiliate program to start earning 10% of commissions generated with your affiliate link.
Payout is via bank account and minimum payout is N10,000. They'll also give you a N500 bonus for joining the platform.
Url: Konga.com

- Jumia

This is just like Konga and would pay you commissions for sales generated through your unique link. One good thing about the Jumia program is that you'll be able to promote products across different African countries like Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Tunisia, Senegal, Algeria, Uganda and Tanzania.
Url: Jumia.com

- Okada Books

This is more of a referral and not affiliate though I've contacted the website to start an affiliate program like Amazon. So the Okadabooks referral is a kind of program that will benefit both the new user and the referral. How it works is that you'll use your link to invite someone, then both of you will be given N300 credit each for reading any book of your choice.
However, we won't be giving any application link because the last time I heard from the OkadaBooks CEO, Okechukwu Ofili it seems like they were suspending the referral system due to abuse. According to him, people were creating multiple accounts and using the referral credit to purchase books from another account with the aim of withdrawing it at the minimum payout. That's so bad and we need to stop acts like this.

- Whogohost

This is a top Nigerian hosting company and they also reward their affiliates. Whogohost pay affiliates when they reach a minimum threshhold of N3,000 and payment is via bank transfer.
Url: WhoGoHost.com
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