Business Process Outsourcing And What You Must Know About It

Business Process Outsourcing And What You Must Know About It
Many businesses have decided to outsource a few aspects of their businesses. The business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is rapidly growing as many businesses are in need of their services.
However, there are many others who still don’t quite understand what is business process outsourcing is and why it is needed in the business sector. Keep reading for some insight which will assist you in understanding what BPO’s are and how they can be beneficial for your business. 

- Understanding business process outsourcing?

Firstly, it’s important you understand what a BPO actually is. A business process outsourcing is a third party which deals with your non-core business functions. So your company is essentially hiring another company that will assist with certain business activities. 
There are a lot of business process outsourcing services.

Business process outsourcing mainly focuses on data collection, call centres, customer complaint management, and human resources. BPO’s understand that time is precious and often times there isn’t enough time in a day for businesses to deal with all their issues.

This is where outsourcing companies fit in. They will handle those issues while you and your employees deal with other business priorities. This will give you a competitive advantage because your business will have more time to focus on business goals and expansion. 

- How can your business benefit from outsourcing? 

Every business can gain from having a BPO service. Outsourcing a few of your business functions helps your business focus on more important things.

Here are the following benefits of a BPO:
• Your business will have an increase in productivity because the work will be split accordingly and no one will overwork themselves. Your staff will be able to focus more on their actual jobs and provide quality work within their deadlines.

• Your employees won’t have to deal with your customer complaints or queries. Your staff might not be trained for this and could offer customers misinformation.

• There won’t be a backlog on calls and issues will be resolved immediately. Documents will be gathered faster as a BPO has all the time to do it.

• Having your customer service outsourced will help as you will now offer your customers a hotline that they can call should they experience any issues. 

• You won’t have to worry about the quality because the staff is trained to deal with client issues.

• Your business can save money because you won’t need to purchase the software. Your business will also save on training staff and having to get additional space for an in-house data management team. 

• Offers you insight on your customers. A BPO vendor is specifically trained to deal with your customers. You will have insight on your customer journey and know what issues you would need to change. 

- Which BPO services would your company need?

When deciding which service your business needs, you to need to look at where your business is lacking. It could either be back office or front office - the back office would include data collection and data extraction, and front office would include call centre services and a customer complaints line. 

Outsourcing business can be used for data collection. Having your data collection outsourced will make it easier for your business as it takes up time. BPO’s will verify your customer's information and follow the correct legal procedure. BPO’s will have all the innovative technological software, which will help them provide quality work. Your business will work faster and retain customers easier because customers love fast and simple processes. 

Every business needs a customer complaints line. As much as you would like to think that your business is great, there might be a few issues that upset your customers. This is why having a complaints line is crucial because you can know what the issue is and it can be resolved when the customer calls. 

If your client has nowhere to complain they will become frustrated and give your brand a bad name. Your employees won’t be able to handle all your customer complaints within a short time frame. This is why it is better to outsource your call centre - if you don’t want to hire and train additional staff because of funds then outsourcing is the best way to go.

Your business could choose to be offshore, nearshore, or onshore outsourcing. Offshore outsourcing is outside of your country. Whereas nearshore outscouring is vendors who are nearby and onshore are vendors which are in the same country. 
There are many reasons as to why you choose which but always choose a BPO that is versatile and offers different languages. South Africans know many different languages and the majority can speak English fluently which will make sure that there is no communication breakdown between the customer and the call agent.

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