Breaking News! The Nokia 8110 4G (Banana Phone) Now Accepts Whatsapp

Nokia 8110 4G
The Nokia 8110 4G, popularly known as the banana phone is no doubt getting better than it has ever been.
One of the most popular applications, WhatsApp will finally be available to users of the enigmatic yellow KaiOS based phone.
It was earlier announced during the MWC 2018, the comeback of the Nokia 8110 created some noise, and though mostly targeted as a secondary phone, it actually appealed to an older crowd for nostalgic reasons.

However, the functionality of this device was limited due to the absence of some popular iOS and Android applications.
This, could also pass for an advantage because the 'addicted' user of those apps would have been able to get a break from their addictions.
WhatsApp is however a key requirement for many, and they can stay away from their main smartphones whenever they do now want to be bombarded with messages and move on with the Nokia 8110.

Other popular applications already available on the KaiOS include the Google Maps, Twitter and Facebook. You can download WhatsApp from the KaiOS store on your Nokia 8100.
It however doesn't currently support calls and voice messaging, even though text messaging and sending of photos and videos work well with it.

If you want to try out the phone, you can check it out on Konga or Jumia. I'm sure it's very impressive.
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