Top Five Ways To Earn From Your Blog In Nigeria

Top Five Ways To Earn From Your Blog In Nigeria
Blogging has become a popular thing in Nigeria, many people - both the young and old are venturing into it.
Many people have become successful in it, while many others are planning to quit. To be honest, it's not as easy as people think. Many people meet me on different occasions telling me to create a blog for them, majority of these people because they have seen successful bloggers like Jide and Linda Ikeji, while the rest, because they want to earn a living off it or they want to use it to support their other careers.

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One fact is that blogging is easy and is not easy 😆, before I made my first dime, I had already blogged for up to six months, that's because of my approach to it. Sometimes, it's higher, sometimes, it's lesser than that. One thing that really matters is your approach to it.

There are many blogs that make up to  $120,000 per month, while there are many others that don't make a dime from there's. To be honest, this blog hasn't started making up to that, but I'm certain that in no distant time, it'll start.

I know by now you have become impatient and you want to see the top ways to earn from your blog, but before we study that, I want to show you how to present your blog in order to keep it earn from it.

How Will I Earn From My Blog?

Like I earlier said, your approach to blogging really matters. There are many things you need to do in order to make your blog your source of income:

- Make It Your Business

I spend up to 8 hours everyday in front of my system, preparing quality posts and sharing them.
A man once said that for you to earn from your blog, you need to either
- Spend your time or
- Spend your money
Yes, you are blogging for people to read not for yourself. As a blogger, you need to write quality posts and share the posts to the right audience.
If you have enough capital, you can also run Facebook ads, Google ads, Taboola ads, Twitter ads, etc and in no distant time, you'll see yourself getting recurring visitors.

- Make You Blog Look Professional

If you actually want to make a living out of your blog, you need to create a professional looking blog. This is very important. If you are not yet perfect, you can hire someone to create it for you, or contact me, I'll do it at a very good rate.

- Connect With Other Bloggers

Every business has a forum, or group. In Nigeria, there are many Bloggers' groups on Facebook, all you have to do is to search for one and join. It'l help you to get sponsored posts alerts and also help you connect with the right organizations.

This are not the only ones, you can conduct researches to find out other ones and if you know anyone not listed here, please drop it in the comment section and or contact us and in no distant time, it'll be added.

How Do I Make Money From My Blog In Nigeria?

You have seen the different ways you should approach your blogging career in order to make it your source of income, now, let's look at ways to earn from your blog.

- Ad Networks:

This is not the best, but it's the most popular. All you have to do is to:
- Register for an adnetwork,
- Submit your blog
- Wait for approval
- Start earning (after approval)

Google Adsense is the most popular but it seems like their approval is not that easy, but if your blog is good enough, they'll approve you. You can click sign-up to apply for Google Adsense.

If they don't approve you, there are many alternatives to it which I'll list below Infolinks and Chitika. You can view more Google Adsence alternatives here.

Sponsored Posts:

This is a good way of monetizing your blog, unlike the Ad networks that pay per click, this ones pay you for putting their ads on your blog. If your blog is popular, organizations can contact you to place ads on your site, or you can make use of third-party sites like Valued-Voice as they'll help you reach out to companies and only take a little percentage of your earnings.

Affiliate Marketing

Let me quote Clifford "Affiliate marketing is bae 😆" It pays more than the rest (from my own perspective). Imagine Adsence displaying Konga ads on your blog, if someone clicks, you'll only earn a token, but if someone purchases a Konga product from your affiliate code, you'll be earning a good sum of $$$.
Payoneer also gives $25 if you bring new users to them. There are many opportunities like this, all you have to this is to search out for the best and start utilizing them.

Sell E-Books:

This really works, write quality e-books and sell to people, and trust me, they'll buy it if you really presented it well. My e-books Making Millions In Your Dark Room and Actualizing Your Dreams As A Freelancer have sold a significant number of copies since the date of publication.

Offer Services:

If you can do things like graphics designing, freelance writing, website and blog creations, and all other basic tasks, create a hire me page to display your tasks and people will be coming to view them.
You can view our hire-us page to learn how to write yours or if you want to check out our gigs.

There are many ways to earn from your site, it's just your approach to it. Try new methods, don't depend on only Ad netwoks. I have seen big sites that don't make use of Ad networks. Like I said earlier, i's your approach that matters.

Thanks for reading along, if this post really helped you (which I believe it did), kindly share it to your friends to help them. You can also drop a comment if you need any help or contact us and we'll reply asap.
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