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10 Shocking Reasons Your Tyre Wears Out Faster
I was in a friend's car a few days ago, and he was complaining about the rate at which his tyres wear out.
According to him, he hasn't used this one for [a very long time] and now it's already giving signs.
Well, why does your car tyre wear out fast? What causes quick wearing out of car tyres?
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As we all know, every part of the car is very important, from the car seats to the mirrors, but the tyres are a part of the vehicle(s) which we can't do without.

They are supposed to be in good conditions, 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the weak or else you might have to face some depressing disappointments or even safety risks.

Your tyres are the only contact and grip between your automobile and the road, and shouldn't be messed with.
As days go by, the manufacturers of these tyres bring up improvements to fuel economy, handling performances, safety, the general ways things go and so on. 
Run flat tyres are now one of these major developments in the tyre world.
You should sternly avoid anything that would negatively affect your tyres' performances, as it is directly against your safety.
Some of the things that can make your your car tyres wear out faster include;

• Over-inflation

Over-inflation of your tyres will cause the central tread areas to be forced into contact with the road, thereby causing a rapid wear.

• Under-inflation

Under-inflation will cause your tyres to wear on the outer edges of the tread and when this happens, the central tread will be far less worn.
This can also result in a degradation of the tyres' inner lining.

• Misalignment of the wheels

Misalignment of the wheels will cause the edge of the thread to be 'feathered'. When this happens, the tyre will wear out progressively from one side.

• End Of Life

By end of life, I mean that the tyre has reached its maximum pattern depth of 1.6 mm.

• Illegal Wear

When the tyre has been well used, and after reaching the legal minimum pattern depth of 1.6mm across the central ¾ of the tread, this will go around the complete circumference of the tyre.

• Cuts

We cannot do without mentioning this, as it's almost completely inevitable. Your tyre can be damages by sharp objects such as nails, thereby rendering them inserviceable.

• Emergency Braking

Aside causing accidents and road mishaps, emergency braking can also affect your tyre negatively, especially by making it to deflate.

• Impact and Sidewall damage

A bulge in the tyre might show a localized damage, and sidewall or shoulder damages should never be repaired.

• Age of the tyre

You can tell the tyre is of age by the presence of small cracks appearing in the sidewall. Premature aging of the tyres might affect your safety and increase the possible chances of failure.

• Driving Habits

A careful driver would enjoy his car better, and the tyre is a part of those benefits. You also need to change them periodically, just to be on the safe side.

You never know whose lives you could be saving. Remember that most accidents occur between two or more people, so by staying safe, you are also keeping others safe!
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