IOS Developers Sue Apple Over App Store Fee (Monopoly)

IOS Developers Sue Apple Over App Store Fee (Monopoly)
Two iOS developers have sued top tech company, Apple and are seeking redress for their case.
The company has for years maintained a monopoly over the sales and distribution of iOS applications, and are getting sued in a US federal court in an attempt to break its 'improper monopolization of this market.'

The lawsuit seeks class action status, so it could represent anyone who has ever sold an iOS application in the United States.
Apple Inc. of course allow iOS apps to be installed only on iPads and iPhones from the Apply App Store and still charge developers a commission for any sales they generate.
The suit claims that the Apple's 30% cut is 'overly expensive' and its annual $99 developer fee has 'unlawfully cut into the developers’ potential earnings'.

The developers also complains that the App Store is the only distribution point for their apps, and they therefore get buried among two million+ other apps, stifling competition and innovation.
'...If Apple did not shut out all competition from access to iOS device owners, there would be more stores that could feature more apps, as well as stores that would specialize in certain kinds of apps...
the suit contends.

Law firm Hagens Berman files the lawsuit last Tuesday at the United States District Court for the District of California, San Jose.
The two plaintiffs are the developers of a baby-naming app and a basketball workout app.

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