Getbarter.co Review | How You Can Get A Virtual Credit Card

With the Getbarter.co app, you have unlimited access to credit cards and you do not have to renew them yearly.
I bank with the Guarantee Trust Bank, FCMB and First Bank and every year I see myself renewing four credit cards when I actually use only one.
That is not the best way to live as an entrepreneur and that is why we all need free credit cards to cut some of the charges for us.

Note: We have already reviewed GetBarter.co and this is just an addition. Please visit the page now!

With the Getbarter app, you have free unlimited access to these services. You can create as many VISA cards as you like with this amazing app.

How Much Does It Cost To Use GetBarter?

As at the time of writing this post, Getbarter was 100% free as it was still in beta stage. You can check for yourself on their official website Getbarter.co.
GetBarter Review: Create Virtual Credit Cards In Seconds
I created my own Getbarter account and funded it, then I tested it with my PayPal verification and it went through.

What Does It Take To Use Getbarter

Like I have earlier said, it is 100% free. Just visit their official website or download their application. The rest of the instructions are in there.

Pros Of Getbarter
- It does anything other credit cards can do online.
- It is a free service.
- It works everywhere.
- They have an amazing customer care.

Cons Of Getbarter
- It doesn't support any transactions on pounds as at the time of writing this.
- They have a confusing user interface, and newbies may experience some difficulties.
- They have a slightly higher exchange rate.

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