Top 5 Most Popular Mobile Phones Brands in Nigeria

Top 5 Most Popular Mobile Phones Brands in Nigeria
Since the introduction of the GSM is 2001 by the President Olusegun Obasanjo administration, many popular phone brands have emerged.
The Nigerian telecommunications market has over the years seen a major boost because of the increase in the demand of better products. Few years ago, we were talking about the likes of Nokia 3310 and 1110, but now if your phone doesn't have a good camera with auto focus, finger print scanner, face unlock and a good RAM, you probably have not started.

Mobile phone companies now see Nigeria as a huge market and are constantly introducing new phones with better specs. We have evolved from the era of Java and Symbian phones to the Android and IOS phones. These new operating systems come with features that were lacking in the previous ones like automatic upgrading of apps, good cloud storage, app stores with amazing apps and many more.

Most Popular Phone Brands In Nigeria

These phone brands listed are not the only phone brands in Nigeria but the most used according to a 2019 survey conducted by us. Some are loved by the rich and bought because of class while others are mostly used by the average citizens. One good fact about all of them is that they all have amazing features and serve their users to the best.

• Samsung

The South Korean phone maker Samsung is probably the most popular phone brand in the country. Over the years, Samsung devices have evolved with time and has continued to keep up with the trends.
They have been developing unique devices with great features like good camera qualities, wonderful internal systems, good battery life and to crown it up, their devices normally have very nice and attractive shapes.

• Huawei

Huawei is currently the second most popular phone brand on Earth after Samsung. It has been in the Nigerian market for a good number of years though it's just recently becoming popular. Of recent, Huawei has improved in the quality of their devices and have included features like the dual Artificial intelligence camera which even in low light conditions, detects various scenery.

The Chinese mobile giant recently made giant strides in developing 5G technology and recently obtained 46 Commercial 5G contracts in 30 countries. Due to this move, the US government blacklisted them and restricted the top US tech companies from supplying mobile hardware and software to Huawei.

• Apple

Apple is the most popular smartphone among the rich folks ad celebrities. You can hardly see a celebrity that doesn't post photos with the latest iPhones. Apple is the third biggest phone brand in the world and the biggest in the United States.
Apple smartphones are loved because of many features. Their cameras are very bright, apple devices are very secured and it gives 'class'.

• Tecno

Tecno Mobile is a Chinese company that is based in Hong Kong. They've been producing phones since 2006 and focus their business on Africa and the South Asian market.
Any student that needs an Android phone with a limited budget will most likely go for a Tecno phone. Tecno phones come with the latest features like auto-blurs, fingerprint scanners, good RAM and most of all, are affordable.

• Infinix

Infinix Mobile is a Hong Kong-based smartphone manufacturer founded in 2012 by Transsion Holdings. Just like Tecno, Infinix phones are affordable and mostly used by the middle class.
Infinix phones are also very amazing and come with very nice cameras, good RAM, nice shapes and more.

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