7 Reasons Why Your American Visa Is Being Denied (And Possible Solutions)

7 Reasons Why Your American Visa Is Being Denied
Getting the U.S. Visa is usually a hard task for Nigerians as many of them get rejected in their first attempts.
The United States is one of the best countries in the world with a lot of amazing business and job opportunities. Many Nigerian youths are made to believe that an unlimited number of opportunities are available for them once they step their toes on the American soil.
This has lead to the increase in the number of Visa applicants and thus, the number of rejections. According to a report by hotels.ng, annually an estimated 220,000 visa applications are submitted to the USA Embassy by Nigerians. Out of this number of applicants, how many get approved and how many get...?

Many Nigerian politicians, entrepreneurs, pastors and celebrities including the likes of Wizkid, SkalesFrank Edwards have at one point of their life or the other been denied the U.S. Visa.
It must not always be America, we have shared a list of 45 Visa free countries for Nigerians and you can also choose any country from the list. It'll save you from being disappointed and later, you can visit the United States when you meet their Visa requirements.

7 Top Reasons Why Your American Visa Is Being Denied

Do you know that you can successfully apply for and get the U.S. in your first trial? Well it's very possible, just to follow the right steps.
Below are some of the reasons your American Visa is being rejected:

• Lack of travel history

Once you go for a Visa interview, one of the first things your interviewer checks is your travel history. He or she would like to know how many countries you've visited, whether you exceeded the agreed number of days your Visa stated and things like that.
This doesn't mean that you can't get a Visa as a first timer, but you need to do your home work very well. Be smart and prove to the interviewer that you'd keep to the Visa terms, who knows? He or she might give you a pass mark.

• Lack of strong home ties

Having no strong home ties might make getting the American Visa tough for you. Are your kids in Nigeria? Are you married to a Nigerian wife? Which type of business do you manage or what's your job like?
The embassy want to ensure that something would make you want to visit home when you're finally awarded the Visa.

• Insufficient funds

Surviving in the United States involves a lot of money and the American embassy won't want you to get stranded when you get over there. The embassy will request for your bank statement to enable them know if you'd be able to cater for your bills over there.
So if you don't have a good source of income, getting the American Visa might be tough for you. You'd have to prove that your account balance will be sufficient for the number of days you'd b spending there.

• Difficulty in explaining your source of income

You might be asked to explain the source of the money written down in your bank statement. This will help in convincing them that you're not into any illegal business.
They also want to ensure that you're not going there to stay permanently. So one easy way of getting the U. S Visa is by proving to them that you have strong business ties in Nigeria that will make you return back to the country.

• Falsification of documents

Many Nigerians are guilty of this and it can lead to permanent ban from the U.S. Falsification of documents like bank statements and certificate of occupancy will if caught, make it hard for you to get the American Visa.
If possible, try to keep all your documents legit while applying for Visa. it'll save you from more harm that can be incurred if caught.

• When you have history of refusal

Has your Visa application ever been rejected? If yes, then you might have issues getting an American Visa. They'll check you and if they find out that you have received a good number of refusals from other countries, it might lead them into believing that you're desperate to leave Nigeria.
If your Visa application ever gets rejected, don't re-submit the application until you've consulted relevant authorities that can guide you through it.

• Poor interview skills

Your interviewer can disapprove your Visa application if you respond poorly to the interview questions. Attaining the interview questions can be tricky so as a traveler, you have to first get prepared.
Try to be honest because any weak or feeble answer given by you can cost you the Visa. In fact, avoid using big grammars, make your answers as simple as possible.


Getting the American Visa shouldn't be a hard task if you're prepared. You should also be mindful of the type of Visa you're going for. Are you going for a holiday, business summit/trip, health reasons or to reside there?
Also, try getting some of the possible questions from your agents to avoid being stranded. I wish you good luck in your next Visa application. You can also check out our next article on Canadian Visa, how to apply in Nigeria and everything you need to know.
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