Top 10 Nigerian Celebrity Fights and Beefs (UPDATED)

Top 10 Nigerian Celebrity Fights and Beefs
Most Nigerian celebrities don’t just see eye to eye on everything.
Some of them get torn apart by several factors including stealing of hits, breakups and shades and although, some of these celebrities are always in the news for one thing or the other, but when they come at each other, it leaves everyone talking for a longtime. 
So, here is our UPDATED top list of the biggest celebrity beefs in Nigeria right now.


It is actually no news now to any Nigerian who listen's to the mega star Duo, that their group has gone defunct. This was actually one the biggest celebrity fight of the year 2017 as it was very explosive and detailed. When we say detailed it means unlike the previous years when the Okoye brothers had their rift and nobody knew what they were fighting about, this year saw the brothers wash their dirty linens in public. Exposing themselves and their quarrels on their social media platforms. 
It all started with shade comments on Instagram from Paul Okoye who started talking about someone not happy about the birth of his twin babies. Then their wives calling out each other on social media platforms. This, however, was the beginning of what became a full-fledged fight with both brothers calling each other out on social media. The worst part of the fight was the release of a video which went viral where the brothers were seen insulting each other and almost getting physical in their lawyer's office. And then their beef also with their senior brother and manager Jude Okoye who sided with Paul throughout the whole saga.
This has been one of the longest running beefs in the Nigerian entertainment industry, spanning a good three years, from 2017, 2018 and 2019. It also makes it one of the most eventful as it involves close family members. 

Update: Though still apart, the brothers have settled their differences and are now together, but recent social media updates show that it will be quite a while before the brothers make music together again.

Burna Boy and Mr 2Kay

On October 2017, top Nigerian pop artiste Mr 2Kay was robbed and assaulted in his hotel room after performing at an event called Buckwyld n Breathless in Lagos. In the events leading after the assault the police were called in and after investigating the incident, four suspects were arrested and in a huge plot twist, fellow Afro-pop artiste Burna Boy was mentioned as the major brains behind the attack and assault, and coincidentally one of the arrested suspects was Burna Boy's road manager.
The connection between Burna Boy and Mr. 2Kay was traced back to an interview where Mr 2Kay called out Burna boy for saying derogatory statements against Nigerian pastors.
Burna Boy who didn't take it likely with Mr 2Kay, sent him series of threat messages on Twitter him. Few days after, Mr 2Kay was attacked. The police then declared Burna boy wanted for allegedly ordering the assault and robbery of Mr. 2Kay.
Update: The case was later withdrawn by Mr 2Kay after much bantering, but these two artistes still don't see eye to eye and sometimes shade themselves on social media and in their songs.

Wizkid and Davido

Although quite stale, this is hands down not just one of the longest running beefs in the Nigerian entertainment industry, it is actually the longest beef between two Nigerian artistes that have spanned their whole career see. When will the beef between Nigeria’s biggest stars stop?  Well I don't think it will be coming to an end anytime soon as this beef is mainly fueled by fans. 
2017 started on a rather quiet note for both stars drama wise but by mid-2017 things got pretty serious. Davido took a jab at Wizkid’s choice of sounds on his international EP ‘Sounds From The Other Side’. Of course, Wizkid replied and Davido dropped a sub for him on the track ‘Summer Body’ featuring Olamide.
Wizkid would then go ahead to call Davido ‘frog face’, a diss at his husky voice. The two would continue to clash online till the One Music Africa Fest in Dubai where the crews of both acts clashed. Davido and Wizkid will most likely never be friends.
Update: Although the duo have on several occasions agreed to bury the hatchet and be at peace with each other, clashes between their record label mates and fans and frequent, constant comparations of the two stars have always continued thereby fueling up a cold war between these two superstars.

Tonto Dikeh and Oladunni Churchill

Tonto Dikeh the "former" actresss now turned "social media controversial figure", made the headlines in 2017 for all the wrong reasons. She was less of an actress and more of a controversial character. Her fight with her estranged husband, Churchill Oladunni was basically on every blog, social media  platform and tabloid. It was either they were calling each other out or shading each other on Instagram. The worse part was the fact that they used harsh words for each other and even released videos of them fighting while they were still married. They just couldn't get off social media as they both washed their dirty linens publicly. 
Update: From all indications, Tonto Dikeh has seen her marriage's controversy as her only way of staying relevant and has chosen to completely bank on that fact. She has really kept her fans and critics entertained by her frequent posts about her failed marriage and her now estranged husband the latest rant being her calling him a "40 SECOND MAN", and how he was always involved in fraudulent practices. This beef won't die anytime soon, but you can be sure about people getting bored about her frequent marital rants on social media.

Nairamarley and Ruggedman

Nairamarley is one of Nigeria's rave of the moments now, and for the wrong reasons too. The young upcoming artiste is/was an ardent supporter of internet fraud and internet fraudsters (Yahoo boys). He was always uploading videos on his Instagram handle about the wrongs of special internet fraud security systems, EFCC and SARS. This was what brought the clash between him and veteran artiste 
Ruggedman who called for his arrest on his Instagram handle. Nairamarley's controversial song "am i a yahoo boy" finally got him and fellow artiste Zlatan Ibile arrested.
Ruggedman later said at an interview after the arrest that he was happy that Nairamarley got arrested.
Update: Naiarmarley has finally been released on bail after his trial. Ruggedman was assaulted last week at a restaurant in London and the assault was largely linked to Nairamarley as the assaulters were heard to have referenced their social media outburst during the fracas. This beef hasn't still been resolved.

Nairamarley and Simi

Nairamarley definitely won't be forgotten in a long while, at least definitely not in 2019 as he stepped on a lot of toes due to his controversial support of internet fraud. Female pop singer Simi posted a video speaking against internet fraud and asking fraudsters not to listen to her songs or buy her CDs and as usual, Nairamarley was quick to step in and counter her, posting another video where he defended internet fraud and called out her husband and fellow artiste Adekunle Gold about being a former fraudster. Lots of angry messages were exchanged and their fans took it from there.
Update: Even though Simi has not made any public comments about the matter in a long while, it is obvious there is bad blood between these two artistes.

I Go Dye and Bovi

Even in the comedy sector of the entertainment industry, there tends to be one or two rifts between colleagues at one point or another. This was the case between the two comedians and former close friends Bovi and I go Die.

Late 2018, I go Die had made an Instagram post where he castigated and called out the former governor of Delta state Uduaghan. Bovi who didn't find it funny called out his colleague and labelled him a hypocrite as he was a frequent visitor to the governor's office when he was in power and vowed to beat him up anytime they met.
Update: This beef was a very short lived one as I go Die never replied Bovi's call out, instead in the next Instagram post he made, he promoted the latter's show that December. And in subsequent interviews he said the two of them were okay now.

Timaya and Eedris Abdulkareem

Veteran artiste Eedris Abdulkareem has been a very controversial figure of late taking shots at numerous artistes which include Mr Eazi, Davido, 2face Idibia and D’banj Eedris, 
However, he met his match with Timaya- his former backup act as the latter was going to be called degrotaory names and let it slide
During an interview, he called out Timaya, calling him ungrateful. Timaya who wasn't going to be having any of Eedris' rants, released a video where he called him out, calling him a "Dirty Igbo Smoker” amongst other terrible things.
Update: Eedris who was obviously cowed by the unexpected outburst has since been mute about it and has not made any comment or statement concerning the issue. 

Daddy Freeze and Timi Dakolo

Daddy Freeze is known to be a very controversial when it comes to religious issues and is known as a major critic of religious religious. This year saw him go head to head with Pentecostal pastors over the concept of tithing.
His comments and views on the matter have been so controversial and have attracted a lot of criticisms from pastors and celebrities alike. One of the celebrities who came after Daddy Freeze was Timi Dakolo.
Daddy Freeze and Timi Dakolo went on and on, calling each other out causing a huge debate among fans and followers. It even got so messy at one point that an allegation that Timi Dakolo had an extramarital affair came up.
Update: This beef is far from being resolved as both of them have unfollowed themselves on all social media platforms and they are currently not in talking terms.

Kcee and Harrysong

The feud between Kcee and Harrysong didn't start in 2019 but it grew bigger this year and widened this year.
In 2017 Harrysong's former record label, Five Star Music took him to court for allegedly breaching their contract. Harrysong wasn't done with them as he called out Kcee and his brother E-Money while performing on stage for trying to ruin his career. At some point, Harrysong was even arrested and the fight between them turned messy even involving some physical altercations.
Update: Although some fans have refrenced that the two parties have resloved their issues, there is still much evidence that these two still have an unsettled score as more incentives continue to pour out in form of music lyrics and interviews.

Do ensure you leave a comment or suggestion about the post on which beef was the most eventful and which one you think shouldn't have happened. 

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