Tech News | Facebook Fined $5 Billion For Breaching Of Users' Privacy

 Facebook Fined $5 Billion For Breaching Users' Privacy
The United States Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday announced that top social media company, Facebook has agreed to review the way they handle their users' privacy.
According to information reaching InfoGuideAfrica.com, they have been fined the sum of $5 billion by the United States government for breaching of its users' privacy.
Aside the fine, the Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg was also asked to make sure the company complies with global privacy measures so as to avoid civil or criminal penalties.
Quoting FTC Chairman Joe Simons,
 “Despite repeated promises to its billions of users worldwide that they could control how their personal information is shared, Facebook undermined consumers’ choices.
“The magnitude of the $5 billion penalty and sweeping conduct relief are unprecedented in the history of the FTC.
“The relief is designed not only to punish future violations but, more importantly, to change Facebook’s entire privacy culture to decrease the likelihood of continued violations.”
The fine slammed of Facebook is probably the highest fine ever imposed on a company for breaching of user's privacy or data, as no other company has ever received such heavy fine for the purpose.
According to the Federal Trade Commission, the Facebook 'Tag Suggestions' setting was deceptive as it automatically set on every users' account, despite stating in its privacy policy page that users are required to manually opt into the facial recognition feature before it can be added into their accounts.

They also stated that Facebook asks its users to provide their phone numbers as a security measure, but failed to tell them that it is being for advertising purposes.
Facebook was also asked to create a board which will be responsible for removing “unfettered control by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg over decisions affecting user privacy.”
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