Three Shocking Things That Keep Mark Zuckerberg Ahead Of His Competitors

Three Shocking Things That Keep Mark Zuckerberg Ahead Of His Competitors
Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook is one of the youngest billionaires on Earth and has developed strategies for beating his competitors.
Every business must have a competition but what keeps the business running is the strategies employed by the managers for going ahead of the competitors. It seems this is what Mark Zuckerberg knows best.
Facebook has a lot of competitors ranging from the Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp which are owned by him to the Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr and others.
Have you wondered why none of the above listed social networks and even the rest not listed haven't been able to beat Facebook? Well you'll no why now...

Mark Zuckerberg's Business Strategies That Keeps Facebook Ahead Of Its Biggest Competitors

The Tech world is so big and to survive in it, you have to really be the best or beat the best. Is Mark Zuckerberg really the best or is he beating the best? You'll be in the best shoes to answer this in the next 5 minutes...

- He buys the company

Facebook Inc. has over the years spent billions of dollars acquiring companies that seemed to threaten its dominance.
According to a post in BusinessInsider.com, the Chinese software giant Tencent wanted to purchase WhatsApp sometime in 2014. The deal was delayed when the CEO was having back surgery and Mark used the opportunity to hijack it. According to the report, he purchased the chatting app at $19 billion, a price far higher than what the WeChat makers wanted to pay.
Right now WhatsApp is not being monetized, why did Mark Zuckerberg now spend such a huge amount of money on it? To keep ahead of his competitors! As at the time of the purchase, WhatsApp was already hitting millions of users and had potentials of beating Facebook. Assuming Tencent completed the deal, who knows? They might be bigger than Facebook since thy already have the WeChat. 
The next in line becomes the Instagram. Yes, the popular video and photo sharing app that helps you conquer boredom is also owner by Mr Mark Zuckerberg. Although he purchased Instagram a year before purchasing WhatsApp, we decided to write WhatsApp first because of the huge sum of money involved. Till date, WhatsApp remains Mark Zuckerberg's biggest acquisition, who knows what next he might want to buy?

- He denies the app access to Facebook data

Facebook is the most popular social network and most apps us Facebook for getting more users. If you log-in to your LinkedIn, you'll see the option of importing friends from Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Aol and other mail providers.
Three Shocking Things That Keep Mark Zuckerberg Ahead Of His Competitors
Why is Facebook not listed there? This was the strategy Facebook used against Vine, a fast-growing video-sharing app owned by Twitter which made it to crash.

- He copies the app

Have you used the Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp story before? I guess the answer is yes but when did you start seeing the story feature on any of the listed apps?
Three Shocking Things That Keep Mark Zuckerberg Ahead Of His Competitors
The story feature was formerly exclusive to Snapchat before Mark Zuckerberg's interest in purchasing the company was declined by the Snapchat CEO.
This particular feature made Snapchat popular but since after Mark Zuckerberg rolled it into Facebook,  Instagram and WhatsApp, the the company has not recovered from that move ever since.

Facebook is getting more powerful with time and it doesn't appear like it'll be beaten soon. What's your intake in this? Considring the size of Facebook now, do you think the Twitter and Snapchat CEOs should have sold their companies?
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