Tech News | Google Unveils New Social Media Platform - Shoelace

Google Unveils New Social Media Platform - Shoelace
Google seems not to have given up on trying the highly competitive social media market despite shutting down the Google+ which was reportedly a 'failure'.
The social network, which was shut down on the 2nd of April, 2019 left many wondering about what would happen to the other Google products, and if they'd be shutting down some more things too.
Well, we gave full detailed information concerning that HERE.

The top tech company is trying its hand at penetrating the industry with the release of its latest platform, Shoelace.
It isn't just another social networking site so to say, and according to reports reaching InfoGuideAfrica.com, this wasn't made as a Facebook rival company again like the former.
It was created to focus specifically on connecting people based on events and interests, and users will be able to 'search by interest', while shoelace will share things to do with people in your immediate area based on common pastimes.
“Events and activities are called ‘Loops’, and users can organise and participate in Loops. Think of them as the equivalent of Facebook Events. They’re an opportunity to explore a new city or meet new people.” Kahla continues.
The news social network has been developed by the Google's experimental Area 120 product development workshop and is only currently available in the New York City, for both Android and iOS devices.
There were no formal information on when it will be launched worldwide.
“As fun as it is to poke Google for past failures in the social network space, amid growing concerns that time spent on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram is having a negative impact on our lives, it’s kind of refreshing to see a social network whose main purpose is to encourage people to spend less time on said network and more time actually doing things,” Sam Rutherford had said in an article for Gizmodo.
Well, even if Google has failed in so many products and services, they have undeniable excelled in more.
We hope this turns out to become as promising as it's looking.
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